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Default 'Monsters: Dark Continent' is coming June 2

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Could be interesting... maybe.
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I liked the original "Monsters" movie and have purchased it on Vudu Digital. Yea, maybe in some ways, it was more about the main characters in the movie instead of the monsters themselves, but it just seemed to work well. The "Monsters" seemed to show up in the original movie at the right time to keep everything flowing along at an interesting pace.

I also purchased Monsters: The Dark Continent on Vudu Digital, seems like a couple of months ago, because the preview/trailer looked like it could be pretty good. At that time, it was available for Digital Rental/Purchase at the same time it was released in theaters.

But, I just didn't like this movie too much. The "Monsters" are running around in this movie, as well, but they sorta don't seem to be even part of the story at all. They are treated like background clutter, meaning they are there, but don't expect them to actually do anything interesting. The movie is mostly about a military mission and the script, acting, etc. all seem to be somewhat lame at times. Of course, this director deemed it necessary to throw in some naked women, at the beginning, for those people that don't care about a good story. The first "Monsters" is rated R but it didn't see the need to throw in some gratuitous sex scene. "Monsters: TDC" dives into the gutter seemingly right at the beginning. Look, I am not a prude, but that whole scene seemed out of place for a sequel to a movie that didn't need to go there the first time. The "Monster" effects are good, when you see them, which doesn't seem to be very often. Seems like if you watch the trailer, you will just about see every scene that actually has "Monsters" in it. Yea, I'm probably exaggerating.

Of course, after the movie was over, I noticed the original director didn't even direct this version so that was a disappointment and it shows. None of the original characters are in this movie either which is probably good for their careers. The first "Monsters" was a classy, well done, well acted movie.

Monsters: The Dark Continent, not so much.

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