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Default 'The Skeleton Twins' - High-Def Digest Review

Kevin Yeoman has reviewed 'The Skeleton Twins'. He says the leads provide the most interesting aspects of this promising indie film. The Blu-ray is worth a rental. Here's why...

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Old 06-18-2015, 05:46 AM
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I really, really disliked this movie. No, I didn't hate it.
But I just had to comment that I hate how it
manipulates the audience.

It really doesn't do anything different in terms of
manipulating the audience like cleavage shots, short
shorts do in Michael Bay films for teenage boys. Yes,
I'm comparing this indie film to Michael Bay. That must
be the ultimate insult.


These characters are horrible, horrible people. Yes,
they had a sh*tty thing happen when they were 14
years old. But they aren't 15. They aren't 25 either.
They are I'm guessing 35.


Back to the manipulated complaint, under the guise of
a lip sync performance or endearing moment between
siblings, the people underneath aren't worth our
sympathies. 1st world problems for people who
haven't earned their rewards.

The film actually dissects it for us. Kristen Wiig tells
Bill Hader, big f-ing deal, you're not a
famous actor.

That's his problem?!

And Wiig, her problem is that she has a wonderful
husband that doesn't
"do" it for her. And she wants to commit suicide
because she's so unlucky to find a loving husband?!

How many millions of people wish to have her problem?


And this whole plot of "being there for each other"
and "I have to know that you're going to stick around."
The screenwriters must think that we are stupid
co-eds. Dangle some shiny small-town, sibling-bonding
scene and we'll fall for it. These people haven't
"been there for each other" for 10 years. Hader
didn't go to Wiig's wedding. Hader never met Wiig's
husband. And Wiig makes a stink for their mom not
going to the wedding?! Both have already attempted
suicides; they don't care whether the other is going
to stick around.

It's what I call "love by proximity" bullsh*t. Now that
you're near, within my proximity, I'll now be that loving
sibling, yes, I will.


Throw in all the indie topics we can, so we can blind
the audience from the truth about the characters and
the plot:
Suicide, infidelity, statutory rape, molesting teacher,
alcohol abuse, parental neglect, bullying, gay bashing,
sex addiction, gender identity issues.

That's what wins Best Screenplay at Sundance?!
That's just like how Michael Bay makes actions films,
cram any many indie topicsexplosions into the film as
he can.


And the strangest thing about this film. Truly the
giant elephant in the room is Owen Wilson. I didn't
sit through all the special features and listen to the
commentary, so maybe this giant elephant wasn't
ignored and is addressed.

But I would have seriously, seriously considered
someone else to act his role. Owen was great.
That wasn't the issue. But I couldn't stop thinking
about Owen Wilson, the person, during the film.
This is a film about siblings and

Did the filmmakers think the audience wouldn't
connect Owen Wilson's
sibling and suicide attempt?!
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Old 06-18-2015, 06:09 PM
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Oh sh*t. I typed Owen Wilson. I meant Luke Wilson.
Luke Wilson played Kristen Wiig's husband.

Obviously my spoiler tags referred to you-know-who.
Yeah, so I did like Luke Wilson, the actor, in the film.
But what an elephant in the room? How can they make
such a casting decision? Luke is sending a message to

Or did the filmmakers entirely miss this connection?
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