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Old 09-02-2014, 02:32 PM
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Default 'Draft Day' - High-Def Digest Review

Shannon has reviewed 'Draft Day', which hits Blu-ray just in time for football season. Despite its flaws, he says this is worth a look, here's why....

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Old 09-10-2014, 04:13 AM
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I hate, hate, hate an underlying theme to films like this.

Look I get that: the first step is the hardest step. A 1,000 mile journey
starts with a first step. Yes, drafting the "wrong" players can set an
organization back for a decade. But drafting the "right" players means
NOTHING, too. It may take years more of hard work, and a ton of luck
to get a winner on the field.

So what if Kevin Costner drafts a certain player or not? What is the
point that he drafted a player that might or might not tear his Achilles
and be out for his rookie year or career?

And the chants of "Super Bowl! Super Bowl! Super Bowl!" right after
Draft Day?! Is the film trying to be ironic to show the stupidity of fans,
yet not realize the stupidity of watching a film over-glamorizing Draft

I thought the film will also say something about how overrated that
one day is. Touch on how some players failed at the franchise that
drafted him, and excelled at a different location. Hard work and blind


I'm sick and tired of references to Tom Brady being drafted in the 6th
round. Or Joe Montana in the 3rd round. And somehow, credit goes
to the Patriots for the smarts to draft Brady? That's bullsh*t. Even
the Patriots didn't believe in Brady. That's why they passed on
drafting him for 5 rounds! If the Patriots had any sense that Brady
would become a Hall of Fame quarterback, no way they risk waiting
to the 6th round to draft him.


This reminds of the silliness of romantic movies with the plot of just
saying: I love you, and everything ends happily ever after. Go tell
the girl that you love her and the problems are solved!

Just draft this player and the problems are solved!


And the film tries to make Kevin Costner a winner but ignores the
fact that if he...
kept his original draft position, he would still draft the same player he
wanted all along WITHOUT having to overpay him with a 1st Overall
contract price and keep all his 2nd round draft picks for the next 3

And the film tried to preach that character counts yet Costner...
drafts with his 2nd 1st-round pick, the running back with the most
character questions, since he beat up a guy that is still in the
hospital right before the draft. That running back may prove to
be a good person, but it's glossed over.


"Finally, there's a bit of preachiness to 'Draft Day' that I found unrealistic. Without ruining the storyline, the movie tries to send the message that when it comes to drafting an NFL player, personality and morality should play a bigger role than on-the-field talent. Sadly, anyone who's watched professional sports knows that's a big load of hooey. As much as the NFL or any other professional sports organization will claim that character counts, we all know that the bottom line is how the player performs on the field of play. The idea that any team would take a less talented player over a super-talented one just because he might not be the best teammate is, honestly, a laughable notion in today's day and age."

Shannon, it's kind of nice that recent news events have proved you wrong
on this occasion. Sometimes, once in while, things in real life go the way
of the movies.
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Old 03-14-2015, 12:08 AM
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Wasn't expecting much out of this film, but by the end I thought it was terrific. Easily Ivan Reitman's best work in many, MANY years. Top notch performances. Excellent pacing. Solid script. Nicely edited (I liked what they did with the phone calls too; great stuff). Perfect run-time as well. 4 out of 5 from me. This film deserves far more recognition than what it got. Looking forward to watching this one again.
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