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Default High-Def Digest's Essential Picks: April 2014

This month, we're covering two film noir masterpieces and a heart-wrenching true story drama.

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Old 04-30-2014, 02:46 PM
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So I haven't seen or even heard of the three movies that were covered here, but that's okay. To each his own.

As for April Essentials, here is my list:
Star Trek: Enterprise Season 4 - The conclusion, and arguably the best season, of Enterprise. Filmed in HD, and with special effects finally being rendered in HD, this is a must-own for any Sci-Fi fan

Escape from Tomorrow - The most interesting thing about this movie is that it exists at all. While its not the greatest story, it is a unique look on things, and I recommend picking this up mainly as a curiosity.

Game of Thrones - As much as I don't like this show, I know many people are crazy about it, and I must admit it is visually stunning and has a great sound field.

Heaven's Lost Property - This is a rerelease - I already have the show on Blu-Ray. This is a great anime, and its absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend.

Alice - Another visually stunning film, and the video restoration is amazing. Sadly, the US release is anemic, only including the English dub and no Bonus Features. Recommend importing the region-free BFI release from the UK as it is loaded. I recommend everyone to give this title a shot.

The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug 3D - I am willing to bet that if you are into these movies, you probably already own this.

Justin Bieber's Believe - Just kidding - just seeing if you were paying attention.

The Pirate Fairy - I haven't picked this up yet, but I am a huge fan of the Tinkerbell movies.

Dragonball Z Season 3 - Yes its cropped and DNRed to hell, but it sure is the best this show has ever looked. The cropping is tasteful, and the reason for the heavy DNR is that it was mastered on 16mm. If you like your OAR and film grain in tact, avoid this. But it is a visually stunning release, and I very much enjoy this show

King Kong vs Godzilla - Great title for all you giant-monster fans. Sadly there is no Japanese track and no bonus features, but it looks great, and the English track is exactly how I remember these movies from when I was a kid. As for the movie? Its exactly what you expect - corney, horrible acting, bad special effects, and I love it

The Jesus Film - Well, there is no denying this is the best the film has ever looked, and comes with quite a few language options. I don't think its the best Gospel film ever made, nor is it as visually stunning as other films, but it is The Jesus Film, and just like the family Bible, something everyone should have in their house.

I am also going to throw in with April's Essential picks a movie that was released on March 31st - Frozen 3D (UK Import). The movie is amazing, the 3D is stunning, and it sucks that there is not a domestic release. But the UK version is region free, and the cost is similar to domestic 3D Disney releases.
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