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Default 'The Colony' - High-Def Digest Review

Kevin has reviewed 'The Colony.' This is a rental at best. Here's why...

Full review here:
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I guess this is another each to his own story. I rented The Colony a month or two ago on iTunes, as I recall, when it was available for rental at the same time as it was being released. Granted, this is always not a good sign but after seeing the trailer, I was intrigued, and rented the movie. Overall, I thought this was a very good movie with very good, if not great, special effects. I really do not have anything to complain about. So, when I recently saw it was coming out on Blu-ray, I did not hesitate to order it. I received The Colony on its release day and watched it again on Blu-ray last night. It is just a very good sci-fi action flick. Sure, maybe you can see a flash of Aliens, or maybe the movie reminds a little bit of Screamers, in some way. I don't care. I go to and watch movies to be entertained. The Colony entertained me. Mission accomplished.

Now, to get myself in trouble, I will say that I enjoyed The Colony way more than I enjoyed Gravity, which I saw at the theater, which all the critics have been raving about. I wanted to like/love Gravity but it missed the target somewhere. For some reason, it didn't entertain me. I don't know why. In general, I love sci-fi movies. Gravity had some great special effects but that was about it. Gravity also had some glaring scientific inaccuracies to the point of ruining the movie, specifically, one scene with George Clooney at the end of a strap and acting like he is hanging over a cliff in the weightlessness of space. The whole scene makes no sense and the outcome of that scene is unforgivably, unbelievable. Here is a suggestion. Have Sandra Bollock tug on the strap and George Clooney will float right to her.

So, overall, I liked The Colony and I didn't much care for Gravity. Each to his own. I will probably buy Gravity on Blu-ray when it comes out and give it one more try because I am not that picky when it comes to movies. Hopefully, Gravity delivers the second time. The Colony delivered the first time and the second time I watched The Colony on Blu-ray, I enjoyed it again.
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