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Default 'Mud' is coming August 6


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While I did enjoy this movie, I felt it ultimately failed to leave much of an impression. Nothing about it was extraordinary or memorable, and everything about it felt just "okay." It never rose to blow me away, like a movie with this kind of story or subject matter would be expected to.

For all the critical acclaim and the unbelievable Rotten Tomatoes rating it has attained, this was an immensely unsatisfying movie. It has a slow-burn feel to it, but it isn't used to good effect. Usually slow-burn movies have deep character development and long pauses to take in scenery and leave room to think about the profound themes and motifs that are laid in front of you. Mud doesn't do that, though. The metaphors and themes are so thin that they don't lend themselves well to deeper thought. In addition to that, the few metaphors/themes that are there, are presented so blatantly, that it almost feels like a spoonfed affair.

Maybe someone else will see something in Mud that I failed to, but ultimately it failed to capture me in any way. The music was banal, the cinematography was mundane, the writing was either too restrained or too forced (the dialogue of the two boy characters is a good example of this... Ellis has very restrained dialogue, and Neckbone [seriously, what the hell kind of a name is Neckbone?] has very forced dialogue. While this is okay for a little bit, it ends up leaving me feeling like the writers were really trying to hammer in this character development, but in a non-subtle way).

The ending was also terrible, at least to me. It lacked impact, and there was such a terribly-placed shootout in the final act that... just... ugh. Not a fan.

I will definitely not be picking this one up, even though I have a good feeling it will have a reference-quality transfer.
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