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Default Spider-man Trilogy comprehensive Bluray/DVD extras list Spotlight #1

The Amazing Spider-man 2 is coming out...blech...oh wait, now that is out of the way. Well maybe to tie it in..here is my favorite trilogy.

I just wanted to post an old list I made to kick off what I hope to be a series of stuff where I put together my own special editions because bluray...often is not delivering the full set of extras from the past. Hell why wait for them to get it right when they are likely never to get it right. So here is volume #1 of a similar kind of posts that may help others that like to collect extras. To those that get anything from this...enjoy.

After watching Amazing Spider-man, I realize how much I absolutely prefer the originals and how much closer the originals were to the comic(and I can completely argue this if wanted being a long time Spidey comic fan. .

Anyway, for the people that love the originals like I do and want to know anything and everything lets go over some details.

I put priority to DVD's because they were the first release(and often the bluray put crappy non-high def transfers to the disc which amount to the same thing). Next I included bonus discs and listed out the new features. Lastly I took out extra discs that have nothing more to add from releases forward.

I put the paper inserts together with in my opinion the superior poster art on the front(as opposed to what I feel is some Tween's photoshop mess) and the better color photos on the interior.

I also realize that the bit rate is lower on the 2012 bluray, but not enough for me to care. PLUS if I am listening to commentary, I want to do it with high def quality, not on the DVD.

In other words, I believe that my 6 disc collections are the definitive way to get all bonus features in one tight package. Feel free to criticize or let me aware of other discs out there. Just thought I would share my work, and watching this madness one more time!

Spider-Man Bluray (2012) Packaging Comments
• Horrible new cover art but better inner cover art
• Ultraviolet Copy
• Amazing Spider-Man Movie Ticket
Spider-Man Bluray (2012)
• Resume function not on original bluray
• Amazing Spider-Man Trailer
• Spider Sense Trivia Challenge
• Spider-Man Cutting Room
• Commentaries
o Filmmaker and Cast (Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
o Visual Effects, Designer, and Crew (Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
o Tobey Maguire and JK Simmons (Superbit)
• Spider-Man: The Mythology of the 21st Century (Spider-Man DVD Disc 2)
• HBO Making of Spider-Man (Spider-Man DVD Disc 2)
• “Spider-Mania” An E! Entertainment Special (Spider-Man DVD Disc 2)
• Director and Composer Profiles
o Director Profile: Sam Raimi (Spider-Man DVD Disc 2)
o Composer Profile: Danny Elfman (Spider-Man DVD Disc 2)
• Behind the Scenes of Spider-Man
o Costume Design (Spider-Man Deluxe Edition)
o Designing the World of Spider-Man (Spider-Man Deluxe Edition)
o Spider Wrangler (Spider-Man Deluxe Edition)
o Wrestling Match (Spider-Man Deluxe Edition)
o World Unity Festival (Spider-Man Deluxe Edition)
o Oscorp Lab (Spider-Man Deluxe Edition)
o Goblin’s Arsenal (Spider-Man Deluxe Edition)
• Screen Tests
o Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man DVD Disc 2)
o JK Simmons (Spider-Man DVD Disc 2)
o CGI Spider-Man (Spider-Man DVD Disc 2)
o Make-up and Costumes (Spider-Man DVD Disc 2)
• Gags and Outtakes (Spider-Man DVD Disc 2)
• Webisodes
o Spider Wrangler
o Bone Saw Mcgraw
o The Model Maker
o Production Designer
o Set Design
o Set Builder
• Music Videos
o “Hero” Performed by Chad Kroeger and Featuring Josey Scott(Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
o “What We’re All About” by Sum 41 (Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
• TV Spots
o Amazing (Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
o Epic (Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
o Thread of Hope (Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
o Kids Suit Up (Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
o Upside Down (Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
o Suit Up (Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
o Blockbuster Countdown Thursday (Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
o Destiny Cutdown (Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
o Singular (Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
o Changing Kids Cutdown (Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
o Review #1 (Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
• Original Theatrical Trailer (Spider-Man DVD Disc 1)
Spider-Man DVD Disc 1
• Spider Sense – Icon to Access Webisodes
• “Weaving the Web” Pop-Up Factoids
• Character Files
o Tobey Maguire
o Kirsten Dunst
o Rosemary Harris
o Willem Dafoe
o JK Simmons
o Cliff Robertson
• Marketing Campaign
o Stan Lee’s Mutants, Monsters, and Marvels
o Various Trailers
• DVD-Rom
o Comic-Feature Comparison
o Record Your Own Commentary
• Easter Eggs
o Special Features->Commentaries->Hightlight Special Features->left (Grey Spider Icon)-CGI Bloopers
o Special Features->Character Files->Tobey Maguire->Right Arrow->Up(Red circle around Tobey Maguire Name-extra character profiles for Peter Parker, Norman Osborne, Mary Jane, J Jonah Jameson, and Aunt May
Spider-Man DVD Disc 2
• Spider-Man Archives
• Rogue’s Gallery
• Artists Gallery
• The Loves of Peter Parker
• Spider-Man Activision Game: Hints and Tips
• DVD Rom
o Marvel dot.comics
o Spider-Man: Activision Game Promo
o Spider-Man Visualizer
• Easter Eggs
o Web of Spiderman the Comic->DVD-Rom->Enter->Up (Red Spiderman Icon)-Todd McFarlane discussing his new web design change
o Web of Spiderman the Comic->Evolution of Spider-man->Rogue gallery->Right->Up(Spidery Sense Icon)-Sinister Six villain information
o Web of Spider-man the Comic->Evolution of Spider-man->Rogue’s gallery->Electro->highlight Spiderman head->Up(Blue Spider-Man Icon)-Electro Figure
o Web of Spider-man the Comic->Evolution of Spider-man->Rogue’s gallery->Venom->highlight Spiderman head->Up(Blue Spider-Man Icon)-Venom Figure
o Web of Spider-man the Comic->Evolution of Spider-man->Rogue’s gallery->Scorpion->highlight Spiderman head->Up(Blue Spider-Man Icon)-Scorpion Figure
o Web of Spider-man the comic->Evolution of Spiderman->Artists Gallery->highlight artist gallery->Right(The Romitas Icon)-Romitas Father and Son Clip
Spider-Man Deluxe Edition
• Spider-Man 2 Sneak Peek
• Spider-Man 2 Teaser Trailer
• Spider-Man 2 Activision Game Trailer
Spider-Man 2 Best Buy Bonus Disc-VH1 Goes Inside Spider-Man
Spider-Man Limited Edition Collector’s Gift Set-Stan Lee’s Mutants, Monsters & Marvels
• Creating Spider-Man
• Here Comes the Heroes
• The Extras
o Cast Bios
o Behind the Scenes Featurette
o Bonus Interview with Stan’s Wife, Joan
o Bonus: The Never released “Fantastic Four” Movie
o Stan Recites his original poem “God Woke”
o Rare Stan Lee Home Movie Footage
o Actor Comic Fund
• Easter Eggs
o Extras->Cast Bios->Stan/Lee->Right Arrow->Right Arrow->Right Arrow->Right Arrow->Right Arrow->Right Arrow->Down->Down(Arrow Icon)-Stan Lee Mock Gestures
o Extras->Cast Bios->Kevin Smith->Right Arrow->Right Arrow->Right Arrow->Right Arrow->Right Arrow->Up->Up->(Arrow Icon)-No Prize Bonus Story
Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2 Bluray (2012) Packaging Comments
• Horrible new cover art but better inner cover art
• Ultraviolet Copy
• Amazing Spider-Man Movie Ticket
Spider-Man 2 Bluray (2012)
• Resume function not on original bluray
• Amazing Spider-Man Trailer
• Spider-Man Theatrical Version
• Spider-Man 2.1 Version
• Commentaries
o Cast & Crew–Theatrical Version (Spider-Man 2 DVD Disc 1)
o Technical-Theatrical Version (Spider-Man-Man 2 DVD Disc 1)
o Laura Ziskin and Alvin Sargent-2.1 Version (Spider-Man 2.1 DVD Disc 1)
• Making the Amazing (Spider-Man DVD Disc 2)
• Hero in Crisis (Spider-Man 2 DVD Disc 2)
• Ock-umentary: Eight Arms to Hold You (Spider-Man DVD Disc 2)
• Blooper Reel (Spider-Man 2 DVD Disc 1)
• Visual Effects Breakdown (Spider-Man 2.1 DVD Disc 2)
Spider-Man 2 DVD Disc 1
• Spidey Sense 2
• Webisodes
• Music Video
o Ordinary performed by Train
• Easter Eggs
o Special Features->Commentaries->Technical Commentary highlight off->Right->Up(Yellow Spider Icon)-Sam Raimi Japanese Press Screening Intro
Spider-Man 2 DVD Disc 2
• Interwoven: The Women of Spider-Man
• Enter the Web-multi angle behind the scenes
• Gallery-Opening credits original paintings
• Activision’s Spider-Man 2: The Game 2004 E3 Trailer
• Activision’s Spider-Man 2: Spinning the Game
• DVD-Rom
o Content for Your Mobile Phone
o Web of Words Online Game
o Countdown to Spider-Man 3
• Easter Eggs
o Making the Amazing->Up(Green Tentacle Icon)-Willem Dafoe Doc Ock Demonstration
o Gallery->Up(Spidey Sense Icon)-Alfred Molina Fiddler on the Roof Demo
Spider-Man 2.1 DVD Disc 1
• Spidey Sense 2.1
Spider-Man 2.1 DVD Disc 2
• Inside Spider-Man 2.1
• With Great Effort, Comes Great Recognition
• Danny Elfman Scores Spider-Man 2
• Spider-Man 3 Sneak Peek
• Trailers
o Spider-Man 3
o Spider-Man 3: The Game Trailer
Spider-Man 2 Walmart Bonus Disc-Spider-Man Origins of a Superhero
• Symbiote Spider-Man: The Saga of the Black Costume
• Making Comics The Marvel Way
• Hasbro’s Origins of Spider-Man Toys
• Activision’s Spider-Man Battle for New York Game Trailer
• Spiderman 3 Trailer

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3 Bluray (2012) Packaging Comments
• Horrible new cover art but better inner cover art
• Ultraviolet Copy
• Amazing Spider-Man Movie Ticket
Spider-Man Bluray Disc 1 (Old Version)
• Red Disc Instead of Grey Disc Which Looks Better but otherwise same disc
• Commentaries
o Director and Cast (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 1)
o Filmmakers (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 1)
• Bloopers (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 1)
• Galleries (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 1)
• Music Video: “Signal Fire” Performed by Snow Patrol (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 1)
Easter Eggs
• Special Features->Highlight Bloopers->Left(Red and Yellow Spider Icon)-Music of Spider-man 3 Vic Mizzey Outtakes(Spider-Man DVD Disc 2)
Spider-Man 3 Disc 2 (2012)
• Featurettes
o Grains of Sand: Building Sandman (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
o Re-Imagining the Goblin (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
o Covered in Black: Creating Venom (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
o Hanging On…Gwen Stacy and the Collapsing Floor (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
o Fighting, Flying and Driving: The Stunts (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
o Tangled Web: The Love Triangles of Spider-Man 3 (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
o Wall of Water (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
o Inside the Editing Room (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
o The Science of Sound (With Optimized Audio) (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
o New York - From Rooftops to Backstreets (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
o Cleveland – The Chase on Euclid Avenue (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
• Ad Campaign
o Spider-Man 3 Trailers
 Teaser (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
 Theatrical Trailer #1 (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
 Theatrical Trailer #2 (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
 Theatrical Trailer #3 (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
o Spider-Man 3 TV Spots Around the World
 Japan (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
 Spain (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
 Germany (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
 Italy (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
 Chile (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
 Russia (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
 Brazil (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
 United Kingdom (Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
Easter Eggs
• Featurettes->Highlight Fighting Flying & Driving: The Stunts->Left(Black and Yellow Spider Icon)-ADR Sound Looping(Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 2)
Spider-Man 3 DVD Disc 1
• More Fun With Spidey
o Spider-Man: Friend or Foe Video Game Preview
o Action Command Spider-Man Preview
Spider-Man 3 Amazon Bonus DVD
• Webisodes
o Bruce Campbell, “The Maitre d’”
o Michael Moore, 2nd Unit Asst. Director
o EJ Krisor, Illustrator: On Sandman
o James Acheson, Costume Designer: On Sandman
o Grant Curtis, Inside the Goblin Lair
o James Acheson, Costume Designer: On Harry Osborn
o Dough Harlocker, A New Generation of Glider
o Bob Mano, Goblin Weapons
o Scott Rogers, Creating a Sandstorm
o Cleveland Rocks
o John Frazier, Collapsing Floor
o EJ Krisor, Illustrator: On Venom
o Laura Ziskin, The Love Triangle
o Bryce Dallas Howard, “Gwen Stacy”
o Grant Curtis, Armored Car Stunt
o Armored Car Crash
o Laura Ziskin on Eddie-Venom
o Toby Maguire on Black-Suited Spider-Man
o Thomas Haden Church, “Flint Marko”
o Topher Grace, “Eddie Brock”
o Rosemary Harris, “Aunt May”
• The Spectacular Spider-Man Sneak Peek! Animated Series Coming to the Kids’ WB! In 2008!
Spider-Man 3 Target Bonus DVD
• On the Set: Spider-Man 3
• Spin Your Own Webisode Contest (Sponsored by Target)
o The Contest
o The 5 Winning Episodes
 Grand Prize: Justin Marshall - “Spider-Man: Rise of the Super Venom Part 1”
 1st Place: Christopher Laflamme - “Where is Spider-Man?”
 2nd Place: Mark Elliott - “Behind the Movie: Spider-Man”
 Runner Up: William - “Dreams”
 Runner Up: Garrett Gilchrist - “Spidey’s Day Off”
o LA Film Festival Award Ceremony
Spider-Man 3 Wal-Mart Collector’s Bonus Disc-The Villains of Spider-Man
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