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Default The Mark 2: Redemption Blu-ray (Brief Christian movie review)

The Mark 2: Redemption Blu-ray is another low budget Christian movie from Pure Flix Entertainment that is based on the Book of Revelations. The Mark 2 is a fictional movie with fictional characters, however the storyline is based on Bible prophecy scriptures that several millions of Christians believe will one day become literal history. This movie is ideal for both Christians and non Christians that like movies about the end times from a Christian perspective.

The Mark 2: Redemption is a sequel to the Mark movie. It is highly recommended to watch the original Mark Blu-ray movie to better understand the characters and storyline. The first Mark movie takes place before the rapture and briefly after the rapture. The Mark 2 movie storyline takes place after the rapture. The Mark 2 mixes in a strong Christian message with an action packed movie based on some of the events after the rapture. While I enjoyed the storyline and the action in The Mark 2, the first Mark movie was overall my favorite of the two.

This Blu-ray is a single layer with a total of exactly 21.5GB used out of 25GB. Hopefully future Pure Flix entertainment titles might use higher bit rate audio and video on a 50GB Blu-ray disc for future titles.

*** Video comments ***

The movie, menus, and all extras are 1080P quality. The main menu uses MPEG-4/AVC and all the sub menus on the Blu-ray disc are using the MPEG-2 codec.The Mark 2: Redemption Blu-ray uses the MPEG-4/AVC codec with some scenes having an average bit rate of 26Mbps. Overall the bit rate for “The Mark 2” stayed around the mid 20’s to high 30’s for the MPEG-4/AVC encode. The bit rate was all over the map peaking into the 40Mbps to 53Mbps range for a second or so on some scenes (according to the dedicated video bit rate meter the bit rate for video was slightly higher than the Blu-ray formats known 40Mbps maximum allowed for 2-D for a few seconds). The Mark 2 appears to have been shot using a professional RED ONE camera just like the original Mark movie. Some of the deep blacks with excellent resolution detail are reference quality. The movie offers an English and Spanish subtitles option, however the subtitle option is hidden in the Special Features menu. It would have been better to offer a setup menu with subtitle selection instead of placing the option under the Special Features menu.

*** Audio comments ***

So far all Pure Flix entertainment releases have used either a lossy 5.1 or 2.0 Dolby Digital soundtrack. I was disappointed that “The Mark 2” Blu-ray received the exact same 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack that is used for the DVD release. The ideal Pure flix Blu-ray releases if the budget allows for it should receive a 5.1-7.1 PCM or lossless audio soundtrack so the sound quality can be bit for bit the same as the studio master.

The Mark 2 lossy 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack is better than most Pure Flix entertainment surround sound mixes. The Mark 2 made good use of the subwoofer and the rear speakers added some nice 360 degree sonic depth to the movie.

*** Extras ***

The only extra features for The Mark 2 Blu-ray is several 1080P MPEG-4/AVC trailers with 5.1 Dolby Digital. What was disappointing is that there is no audio commentary track and no Behind the Scenes. So besides the trailers there was no extra features.

Under the Special Features section there is a navigation glitch with the “Resume Play” option that does not work correctly sometimes. While watching the movie and going back to one of the disc menus and then resuming the movie, the “Resume Play” feature works fine, however after the movie has finished the resume play feature does not work correctly. The Resume play when clicked on after the movie has finished, will go to the main menu and locks up the navigation so the disc needs to be ejected and reloaded, or the work around is to press the top menu option on the Blu-ray remote to reset the navigation glitch. This glitch with “Resume Play” not working correctly should never have existed in the studio master Blu-ray image. For secular titles most Resume Play options will at the very minimum start the movie from the beginning instead of locking up the navigation.

*** Conclusion ***

The Mark 2: Redemption on Blu-ray is another interesting Pure Flix entertainment Christian movie. It combines action movie with a strong Christian message. The MPEG-4/AVC picture quality at times is reference quality. The 5.1 lossy surround sound mix was also very good when compared to other Pure Flix entertainment releases. However in the year 2013 Pure Flix entertainment should be offering consumers PCM or lossless soundtracks that are bit for bit the same as the studio master. Also there was no bonus features like an audio commentary track. The only bonus features for the Mark 2 was several 1080P trailers.

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