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Default 'Bully' - High-Def Digest Review

E has reviewed 'Bully.' This film is highly recommended. Here's why:
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Old 01-30-2013, 08:51 PM
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I couldn't ever watch this again. It completely broke me up. What I found completely appalling was the idiotic ways in which the school administrators dealt with bullying. What a bunch of clueless idiots.
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Nick Stahl approves.
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Thanks for the recommendation. With my daughter entering Kindergarten in September, I am very concerned about this topic because of what both myself and my wife went through in school. For me in elementary school, for her in high school.

I worry about the aggressiveness of these advocacy groups though, that they may go too far. While I have personal experience in this area, there is some validity to the statement "let them learn to work it out", as long as you're dealing with normal social conflict and not bullying. These kinds of organizations can go overboard and demand an environment of absolutely no disagreement and false kindness. Ask any girl in highschool if sarcastic "friendly" remarks are any less painful than blunt words. It IS important for children to learn normal social conflict resolution and some parents don't ride the line very well between protecting their children from bullying, and trying to shield them from the world so stifingly the poor kid loses out on normal social development.
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