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Default Who Has Seen Wrecked? (Spoilers)

A few days ago I bought Wrecked starring Adrien Brody on Blu-Ray and just got finished watching the film. It was a well executed movie by Brody, one of my favourite actors, despite not much else going on. For those who have seen Buried it is a similar concept. For anyone who has seen it, what did you think and maybe some clarification on a couple things would be appreciated.


I think it seems pretty clear that he got picked up by the forest ranger but any ideas on if the dog was real or not? I'm thinking it wasn't and was all in his mind like the woman(his wife). Speaking of the woman why was he apparently able to choke her to death when the whole movie it was apparent she was not really there, a symbolic act to get rid of his deamons? What was the deal with the African American guy that had the rifle. He somehow was killed by this rediculous mountain lion and left all that money behind? Lastly, any idea what the Man's relationship was with his wife. They didn't seem to be getting along at all but at the end when he's coming out of the store and she nods to him, was that just her cooling off and trying to mend fences?

Sorry about all the questions, I both love and loathe movies that are ambiguous. Thanks.
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