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Default Daylight - Five Minute Review

I have just watched Daylight and have decided to share my findings with everyone. I will not get super technical like a standard HDD review but here goes,

The Story - "Brace yourself for nonstop action and suspense! When an explosions seals off a commuter tunnel 100 feet below the Hudson River, the survivors are faced with toxic fumes, fires and the impending collapse of the tunnel. Their only hope lies in the hands of former emergency medical services chief Kit Latura (Sylvester Stallone). As the walls cave in and the tunnel fills up with water, Latura risks his own life to save others and prevent the disaster from escalating into an even greater catastrophe. Filled with spectacular special effects and heart-pounding intensity, director Rob Cohen's (The Fast and the Furious) Daylight will have you holding your breath from start to finish." For a 115 minute feature, time certainly did not stand still. 3.5/5.0

Video - Sizing Up the Picture - No idea what encode it is in, presumably VC1, Daylight is presented on a BD-50 disc. Universal claims that this is an all new transfer and mastered to look best on your HDTV, whether this is the same transfer as the HD DVD or not, I don't know. Compared to the dvd version released way back when, this presentation is a major upgrade. The daytime scenes have bright colors, great contrast and show great detail. Not to be ignored, the dark scenes show great detail as well. I can say that there was some minor DNR applied but the balance is good between DNR effect and detail levels. There is some minimal film grain present but with distant viewing it is almost unnoticeable, but it does show they did not go overboard with DNR, I also did not notice any Edge Enhancement so they either didn't use it or it is minimal. I did notice one scene that could have benefited from a higher bitrate, not sure what the technical term is, but there is a dark scene in the tunnel where a light is in the center of the screen and you can see bands of colors as you get further away from it (spherical pattern around the light.) This is a common problem on Directv so I am quite familiar with insufficient bitrate. 4.0/5.0

Audio - Daylight is presented in DTS-HD Master Audio. Overall, the channels were well separated, the dialog was clear and background sounds were well placed. I did catch a scene where a sound effect appeared to stop but then half a second later there was what appeared to be a stray frame of the sound. Also, before the tunnel collapse during a high speed pursuit, the car being pursued had a distorted sounding exhaust. Perhaps a problem with the original source or they tried to amplify it and thus clipped the sound, it's hard to say. When I remember playing the original collector's edition dvd, the initial tunnel collapse had a boosted LFE, so much so the walls of my house had an odd vibration and the pet birds in the house (in a different room) all freaked out, this did not happen on the Blu version. Perhaps this is due to me now living in a framed home instead of a block home or that Universal decided a boosted LFE was not right for this film. Rating loses 0.5 though due to the glitches. 3.5/5

Extras - The Making of Daylight
Feature Commentary with Director Rob Cohen
The Daylight Archives
Whenever There Is Love Music Video Featurette

Bottom Line - Recommended

My setup - Samsung C6500 BD Player, Samsung LN52B750 Tv, Denon 989 Receiver, Cerwin Vega LS12 speakers for the 4 corners (LF, RF, LR, RR), Cerwin Vega E-76C for Front Center and Backs (channels 6 and 7). Subwoofer not needed with the LS12's, trust me!
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