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    Wonder which movies these are going to be? The Poirot releases have always been difficult in the US, poor quality, edited minutes, wrong order or incomplete series. I am curious to see which movies this set will be.
    I had read there will be more (new) Poirot movies later this year, David Suchet would like to finish making all the Poirot stories.

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    It should be:

    The Clocks

    Three Act Tragedy

    Halloween Party
    None of those are out yet, and they all aired before Orient Express overseas.

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    obriensg1 is correct. this set has The Clocks, Three Act Tragedy, and Hallowe'en Party.

    the Poirot Set 6 set comes in a slide out box (similar to the Resident Evil or Starship Troopers trilogy), with each case displaying the large Poirot set 6 banner atop all three of them. can confirm 1080p video, linear pcm 2.0 audio on 3 discs. it looks quite attractive, and very similar to the 4 disc Marple set. The fine folks at Acorn fired me over a copy today, and at first glance (nope, not pulling a mister hunt on this one), it appears to be a small step up in quality from the Murder on the Orient Express release.

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    Basically this is the most recent series - the other episode that has already come out on Blu-ray is Murder on the Orient Express this was put out by Acorn Media in time for last Xmas. Unfortunately it is Region A locked and I've seen no planned Blu-ray releases for Poirot in the UK.

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    Now you tell me. I recently bought the Region 2 DVD version of this season. It's a Dutch product and is referred to as Season 12 and includes Murder on the Orient Express along with the aforementioned other three films. I already had the mega Poirot Region 2 set from the UK that included all but season 12, and the Blu-ray of Murder on the Orient Express. I had despaired of this season ever coming out in the USA on DVD or Blu, so I got the DVD set for around $25. I doubt I will upgrade to the Blu-ray set as they really look quite good upconverted (Unless there is a good deal on the Blu-ray set somewhere).

    As to whether they make any more Poirots, I have also read that Suchet wants to finish the few 4 or 5 remaining books; but that ITV thinks they don't have the budget for it; so nothing is officially "in the works" for more Poirot. One of the books-The Labors of Hercules- is a collection of mysteries that would essentially be like a season of short stories. I would not be surprised to see them at least film the last Poirot novel-Curtain; but I'd be surprised if they do more.

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    Just saw Three Act Tragedy on PBS a few days ago and the editing was awful. Did not help that the story uses a murder mysery plot device that made predicting who did it easy.

    I finally saw Orient Express a while back and I was really impressed. Suchet plays Poirot a lot more subtle in it then in other Poirot shows I saw him in.

    HD PQ in both was pretty good but not outstanding.

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