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    Default 'Cronos' - High-Def Digest Review

    Our review of the Crierion Collection release of 'Cronos' has been posted. Drew loves this movie! This Blu-ray features the film looking and sounding the best it ever has on home video. Extras are astounding. For fans, this is a must own. For others, it is highly recommended.

    Full review here:
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    I love this film!!!!!

    I am working on a "Bleak House" of my own. lol

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    I have hardly gotten through this disc, but so far, the director's notes in the booklet is my favorite of the few features that I have viewed; often the Criterion books can be superfluous or empty, but this entry is almost like a mini commentary in itself.

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    Great review for a great movie. Bought this the day it came out and absolutely loved it. Every time I watch an interview with del Toro, he just seems like the nicest guy on Earth. It wasn't until I watched the Bleak House feature that I warmed up to calling my computer room my "Man Cave." Always hated that phrase... now it's okay

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    I don't wanted to "update" an old thread but after watching the film and looking through all the supplements I feel the need to say something. As a mexican cinephile, I am really happy to see how much people from around the globe like Del Toro's work. Something I really like of him is how humble he actually is. Never talking about his films like they were masterpieces and always remembering to praise those who gave him inspiration. I am proud to see Criterion giving his opera prima the treatment it deserves. Cronos has never looked so great, excellent PQ and AQ. The "Bleak House" supplement was astonishing, almost as I was taking a tour inside his head and imagination. Superb film, superb release.

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    I FINALLY got around to seeing this great movie! What I love about Del Toro's movies (well, one of the many things) is the role children play, and in 'Cronos', it's done very well. I'm sooooo glad I picked this up, which was in preperation of buying 'The Devil's Backbone' Criterion.

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