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Default Sparkle effect on Planet Earth BD

I own a PS3 connected to a Samsung 1080p LCD. I was watching the first episode on the first disc of the Planet Earth series last night and I noticed something really wierd on just specific parts of the video at random times. I was watching the scene of the caribou running across the tundra where it got to a point that they were crossing water. At that point, the grass had this sparkle effect in a specific part. No other part except for the grass... it didn't overlap to the water, it stopped at the border of the grass meeting the water. The water and other parts of the grass were fine. It was just in this one particular location and instance. I noticed this sparkle effect in one other scene in the first episode. I thought it was something wierd and repeated the scene and it it still there. This has not happened with any other BD discs that I have. Do you think this was a production error or could it be that I need to upgrade my HDMI cable? Because I read that there was really no need to use an expensive HDMI cable, I used the one that came in the box with my DirecTV HD receiver. Thanks in advance for your help.
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