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Jon B. 05-04-2009 12:50 AM


Originally Posted by Motorheadache (Post 1528787)
I never really understood the concern with box sets. Who cares if they do or not? Just buy the trilogy and then buy Wolverine when it comes out. What would you do when they release the next one and you've gotten the quad set? I'm not trying to single out the OP or anything, maybe he can wait and just wants to save a few bucks. But I remember other people earlier worrying about things like, "if the Narnia series changes studios, I won't be able to get a box set with all the movies!" Just buy the damn movies as they come out people! :p

I understand what you are saying. I guess I am a completist at heart. And if I can save a few bucks by buying the whole set, I can wait - I am patient. Unless a great deal comes through on the triliogy, I guess I can wait and see. Thanks for all your input.

jobrro 05-04-2009 02:54 AM

They did it the American Pie franchise on DVD. They had to original 3 movies in a boxset, then later released a 'Foreplay' or something set with the original 3 plus the first spinoff American Pie Presents: Band Camp. They have probably released more since then, but I haven't checked.

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