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frankduan 05-22-2014 11:45 AM

urgent help! prince of persia the sands of time
I just realized on blu-ray.com forum commented 'prince of Persia the sands of time' single blu-ray version has poor picture quality than the DVD combo version? I love this movie I want the best of it, so can anyone please tell me the truth is that real? Many thanks!

Krawk 05-22-2014 04:55 PM

One should consider the source. Often times there will be a different version of a movie in Red Box rental but not a different disc in a non-combo pack.

Vidfreek 05-22-2014 04:59 PM

Yeah there shouldnt be any difference in the movie itself (picture, sound) unless its possibly a rental, retail release of the single disc or combo pack should be the same, just missing some special features

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