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Attebery 03-18-2014 09:11 PM

'Out of the Furnace' - High-Def Digest Review
David has reviewed 'Out of the Furnace'. He says this film showcases some great performances, but it's sure not pleasant to watch. The Blu-ray features excellent video, problematic audio, and a few extras. Worth a look for fans of the actor and/or director.

Full review here:

rmoody 03-18-2014 11:34 PM

So, what you are saying basically, is that you don't like real life? Sounds to me like the movie is a glimpse at the fact that life is not fair and the bad guys normally win.

Kopkiwi 03-20-2014 12:21 AM

Another reason to ignore the reviewers opinion on movies. Well acted, well directed, true to life themes, But a hard watch because you prefer to think life is all rainbows and fluffy ducks?

Josh Z 03-20-2014 12:25 PM

Out of the Furnace was panned by critics across the nation. If anything, David's 3-star review is more forgiving than most. He very eloquently explained his reasons for disliking it.

Have you considered the possibility that maybe this just isn't a very good movie?

HDDVD73 03-22-2014 02:38 PM

It is a good movie. These people must live in Mayberry. I've worked a shut down at that steel mill. In Braddock they rent hotel rooms by the hour and you can buy crack on any street corner.

MyFistYourFace 03-22-2014 03:21 PM

I did not think this movie was very good. On another note I live in the town of Glen Dale, which is right next to Moundsville where the Penitentiary was used for filming.

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