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jed 07-11-2007 12:48 AM

'Lost City' - High-Def Digest review
Peter's review of 'Lost City' is up. Andy Garcia's directorial debut, Peter says this one has good intentions but flounders due to a overly-talky script and precious little in the way of genuine drama. On the bright side, this is a very fine Blu-ray release, with strong video and audio, plus a wealth of exclusive high-def extras.

Full review here:

Cieljek 07-11-2007 02:34 AM

I was noticing, that despite the exact scores on all areas in the review... the HD-DVD version received a half star grade higher than the Blu-ray release..

I looked for an explanation in the review, but like the scores, they were pretty much identical..

Half a star isn't much, I was just wondering what the justification was. Everywhere in the review, where the reviewer marked differences, it was basically a tie..

Absolutely no criticizing here :) not saying the review was unfair.. I was just curious.

taygan315 07-11-2007 07:00 AM

Never heard of this one. Dont think I will pick this up.

2nd_Gear 07-11-2007 09:05 AM


I was wondering the same thing. I think Bracke deducted half a star from the overall score just for being Blu-ray as usual. ;-)

FunkMcLovin 07-11-2007 06:28 PM

I liked this movie a lot more than Peter did. It wasn't perfect (a bit too long and drawn out), but I remember walking out of the theater, thinking it was a really good love letter to what Havana/Cuba used to be and the sad tale of what became of it.

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