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SonyFan32 06-25-2007 10:28 PM

A knights tale
is it a good movie or should i pass on it

HdBluRayFan 06-25-2007 10:49 PM

I love that movie. It is fun and the PQ is awesome. It was my 2nd BD I bought even I had the Superbit.

Nicodimus22 06-26-2007 12:20 AM

It's really a love-it-or-hate-it movie. You can't take it too seriously, as anachronisms are all over the movie (intentionally of course.) I bought it...it's sort of one of those guilty pleasures that is silly but you like it anyway.

Maxx_75 06-26-2007 12:44 AM

My wife wanted it so we got it. I accually liked it but you can't take it seriously. It is a good story and funny feel good type flick. No matter what we say you can't really be prepared for it. You just have to dive it.

SonyFan32 06-26-2007 12:46 AM

is it better than click that adam sandler movie

ckelly79 06-26-2007 12:46 AM

Like they said, it's a fun movie, very light hearted, not serious. And there are very good performances from all the actors. I like it too.

bear89103 06-26-2007 03:34 AM

I mean, how serious can you take a medieval movie with peasants rocking out to "We will Rock you!"???

It's hilarious. I don't know if it was meant to be hilarious, but it's so out of place with it's mixture of modern-ish and medieval stuff. I liked it for its wackiness. You should watch/buy the movie knowing that you're going to find a lot of out of place things. But it somehow mixes it all in with a flare that makes you laugh instead of hating it.

kalel1974 06-26-2007 11:01 AM

I personally loved this movie, it is incredibly funny with the whole medievil classic rock thing going on. The movie is really well acted and has a great feel good story.:D

LizardMan101 06-26-2007 11:19 AM

Yeah, I really like the movie.

pkremer 06-26-2007 12:24 PM

Hmm, I never talked to the director, but I almost believe that he mixed the classic rock into the movie to give it a current feel...and not now current, but then current.

Although I doubt they did "the wave" and listened to Queen back then, I thought the director captured the spirit of a sporting event. Historically accurate? Not a chance. Loads of fun? Absolutely! Heath Ledger and Shannon Sossamon getting jiggy to David Bowie had me in stitches! :D

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