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Oldskool 12-09-2007 12:52 PM

Help Please From Our Us Friends!
Could any of you guys from over there in the US help one of your friends in the UK?
I have a region A US spec BH-100 and am having all the same issues as you, and LG here in the UK have now had it in their possession for over 5 weeks unable to "repair" it. Our biggest AV mag here in the UK is called What Hi-Fi Sound and vision, (whathifi.com) and since I posted they have taken a real interest in the failings of players and software. They have even started a "sticky" to highlight the various player/disc/firmware issues. As you guys are always months ahead of us in Europe, and have experience in this, could some of you visit our site and add any relevant info you have to the two threads in the Home Cinema catagory, one entitled WARNING! Blu-Ray the new Betamax? and the other, HD Player/disc problems, we might get something sorted out then.
Thanks Guys.

Arkadin 12-09-2007 03:05 PM

ok I looked at your thread. I agree it is sad and pathetic that the LG player has so many problems, but I'm not surprised and neither is anyone familar with this player. It was rushed out imo, and got terrible reviews from the get go. Unfortunately, that doesn't help you one bit, but has probably taught you a very hard lesson on new technology and the need to sometimes wait for reviews of players before buying. Now, I understand that the player is having problems playing newer discs, and obviously with the copyright protection software and all the other stuff, it might be indeed true that this player may indeed NEVER play these discs. Does that suck? yes. Is it reason to say the entire player was not worth a dime? no.
Bottem line is that if LG can't or won't issue a fix, there sure as hell no way somebody on here is going to magically be able to help get your player to work on these discs. So I would say you are smart to not buy any more bd discs for it. and in some ways I applaud you for trying hard to make this issue with the LG player known. Who knows, maybe LG will figure out a way to get this problem fixed. In the mean time, I don't know.

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