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Originally Posted by johnboyjr View Post
I use ANYDVD and tsMuxeR to back up my AVC and mpg2 movies to my hard drive Takes about 1hr to cut it own to just the main movie with 1 audio track.

Then I Use PS3 Media Server to stream the movies to my PS3 (Audio has to be converted to AC3. DTS and True-Hd do not stream) and it has to be on a wired network wireles is to slow. doing it this way the movies are 100% the same.

VC-1 is a little bit of a pain because you have to convert it to AVC I just use BD-Rebuilder to do that but it takes like 8hrs(good thing only WB makes AC-1 movies) most of the time I set them to 25gb if i do it this way but you can do other sizes too.

Most movies are about 20 to 25gb with just the main movie and 1 AC3 but you still need alot of hard drive space.

also do not do this on netflix movies
RipBot is an excellent app (GUI) for converting your movies. At this point, I don't know if it's necessary to just watch the backups to preserve the original, but I like taking my backups out of the house rather than my BDs. Worst case scenario, my backup gets knicked, lost, or stolen...I still have my original, and recordable DVDs are VERY cheap by comparison.

Backed up to a DL-DVD, you'd be hard pressed to notice any real loss in detail between the backup and the BD. On my 50" TV from about 8 feet back, it looks outstanding. I still need to evaluate it on my parents' 120" screen, but the early returns are great.

If you want to make an AVCHD disc, you can do that in RipBot, or if you just want a digital library of all your BDs, MKV is the way to go.
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Old 04-07-2009, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by illestdomer2005 View Post
It's my disc; I paid for it; and I am going to watch the way I want to watch it

No more annoying ads!
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Originally Posted by Menaceuk View Post
Why would you want to back up blu-ray movies??

They are alot more resitent than DVD to scratches and stuff and wear and tear wont be a problem with blu-ray.

I know some people rip them to there PC and stuff so they can get full HD sound or something.

But overall it will just be a waste of time and money backing them up for no apparant reason
The most resistant method is the PC, I rip worthy titles and store them as managed archived HDM taking out trailers and cutting the fat in the bd folder. The benefit out weighs the drawback of not having full audio decode, unless you go analog out or get the Asus card. I like the PC for a number of reasons but the main one is playing your movies in series and watching it in Vista's EVR using MPC-HC. Networking and streaming to other rooms is also a big factor for some people.
It really rivals the best STB's out there in some cases surpasses others in PQ due to the EVR.

Setting up the play list in MPC and using shortcuts is ez as pie and you never have to touch your discs or ever load one for that matter. I just bought a 1.5 TB drive at Frys for 117.00 before they jacked the taxes on the 1st and also came out with Wings of Honneamise for 26.00. But the beauty part about the PC is it makes you super lazy...

If you tinker with PC's then this is no big deal....
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AnyDVD makes this easy. I've played with this as I have a HTPC filled with movies and wanted to see how it worked out.

I have no plans to back these up on media though. I do this for the convenience of having lots of movies on a server for watching when I want.
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