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Originally Posted by Ice2Dragon View Post
But if youre gonna write reviews, take criticism. Thats all.
I love and welcome criticism! I only get upset when I'm misquoted and criticized for something I didn't write. I watch every movie I review and, in the case of 'Day' and 'Dawn,' have watched them dozens of times over the years. As long as I'm being read correctly, I look forward to everyone launching their rockets -- I enjoy reading the message board debates.

If you do find an error, just e-mail us directly so we can discuss. We'll change inaccuracies in a heart beat... and we can explain our wording/intent if we believe the statement is still accurate (at which point you can address the problem on the boards).

Thanks as always for posting!

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Okay, I'm new to this site and I find the PQ and AQ ratings to be extremely helpful when making BD purchases. Now, with THAT out of the way...

I am an extreme fan of Romero's Dead films. I love them ALL - and own them all on DVD (BD collecting is going to be slow) and I have to admit a certain fondness for Day. Out of all of Romero's Dead films, Day is (imho) one of the more humanistic (for the zombies) and nihilistic (for the survivors). I've usually found that people who dislike this film (and now Land) always viewed the zombified public as monsters/creatures that the 'good guys' must battle to survive. Romero's statement was that WE are the zombies - going about our daily lives oblivious to the forces arrayed around us. Night made this evident at the end, Dawn came right out and said it, so why is it that there is a disconnect with Day? Well, I think it
s because the message becomes obfuscated when we look at the 'normal
' living people in the film: 3 divisions, one being the Military (the hawks in the govt.), the scientists (the doves in the govt.), and the outcasts (the helicopter pilot, his assistant, and the lady scientist). The outcasts more or less represent political 'radicals' who are independent. The audience is meant to side with this group - BUT Bub and 'Dr. Frankenstein' are also faves. That's the problem - people are expected to be behind BOTH even though they are at odds. Interestingly enough, people who love this movie realise that every side makes valid and invalid points of argument - resulting in more 'grey' areas than the previous films. It is one of my faves - I keep getting something new out of this movie everytime I see it. I just watched it on my new BD copy, and the transfer is (imho) really really good. I'm happy, but would love to see the rest transferred to BD (I have the 3 disc set of Dawn, and will wait for something similar for BD - gotta have all versions as reference!) =D

The review was fair, but I'd still LOVE to see a more in-depth analysis - something this film sorely needs to gain better acceptance from the so-called 'fans'.

DID YOU KNOW: I hated Dawn's remake; terrible, revisionist, and corporate - exactly the OPPOSITE of what Romero was getting at. Why don't zombies move fast?... Because: "They're dead... they're... they're all messed up." (My fave quote from Night! I LOVE THAT LINE!!!) XD
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