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Old 02-11-2014, 05:30 PM
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Default Video Quality of Captain Phillips

I have always used Hidefdigest as my benchmark for seeing how they felt the video quality of a new Blu Ray release is. I have up to this point always agreed with them when they would rate a title with 5 stars and Home Theater Demo Quality. However, I totally disagree with the review of Captain Philips. Yes the film looks wonderful in the brightly lit scenes, but when you have scenes such as in the food locker where it is dark, or in the Engine Room in darker areas, or on the lifeboat in dark scenes, there is so much grain it boggles my mind that the reviewer said there was a total absence of grain. I know it is not my Blu Ray Player as titles like The Man Of Steel, The Lone Ranger and Elyseum look fantastic in the dark scenes,
This is a great movie and quite enjoyable, but not worthy of the 5 star praise heaped upon it as I would give it a three since they gave The Man Of Steel a 4 if memory serves me.
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Old 02-11-2014, 06:10 PM
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I'm hoping to receive my copy from CH soon. Once I do I'll take a look and report back. I think others should do the same. We'll see if we can draw some conclusions.
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Old 02-12-2014, 11:04 PM
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Default My review update

I had a chance since writing my review to google the blu ray Captain Philips to see if anyone else had found the film to have excessive grain in the very dark scenes. I was suprised to find a number of sites that the people reported the exact same thing I had found. One reviewer attributed the grain to the Director choosing to shoot the scenes with ambient light and thus having to use a very fast film resulting in excessive grain. I think that most people like me did not notice the grain on the first viewing as they were very caught up in the tension of the story. Sort of like when you are driving down a highway and are deep in thought and suddenly snap out of it to find you have traveled several miles on auto pilot. I even found a statement from the Director addressing the use of his hand held camera and the grain found in the darker scenes. A lot of film aficienados love grain as it is filmy and arty. If the scenes had been lit or filmed with a very new style of digital camera I am sure the scenes would have been crystal clear and the blacks would have been deep and rich rather than looking like the screen, as one reviewer put it, like there was an abundance of confetti on the screen. Now I have always agreed with the technical reviews as presented pertaining to the video and audio portions on various blu ray discs. However, yes, this may warant a 5 if you like to see all the grain that was in the original, which when I look for a video with a 5 I want this to blow people out of the seats that I am demonstrating my Home Theater to. Not listen to them say, Oooooo.. that looks really bad with all that smatter on the screen. To give this disc a 5 and rate as I said The Man Of Steel which I watched again last night lower is a travesty. As I said, I would rate it a 3 or at best a low 4. Based on this I will be very cautious in the future not go running out to buy a disc based on the rating given it by Hidefdigest. I can say I am somewhat disappointed in the heaps of parise the reviewer gave the video on this disc. As the old saying goes, Caveat Emptor... and I will again revert to renting first and if the disc lives up to a 5 I will then buy it. It is said when movies streamed on Netflix look better than a disc given a 5 by this once highly regarded site. Possibly a group of reviewers should view the disc and then take the average of the five for the final rating. At least then if a disc warrants a 5 you will know it is very special indeed.
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Old 02-13-2014, 12:23 PM
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Paragraph breaks are your friend. You should use them. A huge block of text like that is incredibly difficult to read.
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