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View Poll Results: How do your monthly 2010 Blu-ray shopping habits compare to those in 2009?
I'm buying more Blu-rays each month. 21 26.92%
I'm buying less Blu-rays each month. 28 35.90%
I'm buying about the same number of Blu-rays each month. 29 37.18%
I no longer buy Blu-rays. 0 0%
Voters: 78. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 10-28-2010, 03:48 PM
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 17

I've become more selective, I buy mostly used on Amazon.
First I collected tapes (you couldn't pay me to watch a tape now), then Laser Discs (gave them away, with an almost new player), then DVD's but I also gave most of those away when I moved.
With Blu-Ray I mostly rent (Netflix)
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Old 10-28-2010, 07:45 PM
indy197905's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2008
Posts: 58

I buy about the same amount as last year. I usually buy from cause they have the lowest prices.
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Old 10-28-2010, 08:10 PM
Punisher52's Avatar
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 436

I am buying less mostly due to the resent movies coming out however because of netflix waiting period on certain new releases I find myself buying more blind buys so I can get them cheaper (week of release). If it wasnt for that I would be reducing my blu ray purchases in half.
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Old 10-28-2010, 10:32 PM
thejnc's Avatar
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2009
Posts: 14,503

Buying much less. The last few titles I have bought have mostly been catalog titles. Only a few new releases. But I am buying a lot more PS3 games this year, which is a blu ray disc also. So if you count those, it would be about the same amount $ wise.
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Old 10-28-2010, 10:39 PM
hawaii sun's Avatar
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Join Date: May 2007
Posts: 1,002

I've been buying less this year compared to last. However when buying, I normally go to Amazon in most cases. Sometimes I get it at Walmart since there's one less than a mile from my house.
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Old 10-29-2010, 12:40 AM
Senior Member
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Pretty much the same as last year. I buy only Blu-ray but am very specific about which titles I purchase. I currently have a locked down list of about 65 older titles that I have on DVD that have not yet seen a release to Blu and that list only gets smaller as those specific catalogue titles are released. When I first started upgrading to Blu (in late 2007), that list was at about 140 so I have managed to upgrade well over half to date.

As for new titles, I usually find that only about 3 or 4 new films are released each year that I may want to own. For example, of the films released to theaters since January 1 this year, I have purchased only one title; Shutter Island. Also, currently there is only one other film from 2010 that I know I will purchase and that is Inception, although I fully expect to buy the new Harry Potter title, that hits theaters in November, after it is released on Blu. As for the rest of the films stilll to be released to theaters for 2011, we shall see if there are any others. Per my taste in film, I find that more films are released in the last 3 months of the year that I tend to like than during the first 9 months of the year. I also rent films that interest me that I missed on the big screen. In the end, the amount of discs that I purchase during a calendar year is largely driven by how many catalogue titles from my upgrade list are released in that year.

Like others have noted here, I am also a bit older now and, after having collected on VHS and DVD, I have grown much more picky about which films I actually purchase and what price I am willing to pay. I probably had a few hundred DVD's when I made th switch to Blu but only have decided to upgrade a portion of those to Blu. I have also sold off all of the DVD's that I have not planned to updgrade so that collection has shrunk as well.

Most of my purchases are from Amazon (price?) with some from Fry's.

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Old 10-29-2010, 03:30 AM
kannisto's Avatar
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2007
Posts: 5,590

I was buying more selectively earlier this year than before, but lately I'm buying again about the same numbers as last year. I buy the most interesting Japanese releases from Amazon Japan and some from 2nd hand stores in Akihabara and Shibuya and Yahoo Japan auctions, UK releases from Amazon UK and/or BlahDVD, German and French releases from Amazon Germany and France, Nordic releases from,,, some Italian releases from Korean releases from k2dvd, Chinese releases from Amazon China and some Hong Kong releases from PlayAsia and/or YesAsia. I've been getting some European releases through a friend in Switzerland also. Not buying many U.S. releases lately but when I do it's or dvdpacific (their shipping to Japan is a lot faster / more cost efficient than's).

Anyhow, I'm just picking up the most interesting titles and mainly films I can not rent locally on Blu-ray. The big Hollywood studio releases that I'm interested in I mainly just rent.
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Old 10-29-2010, 03:45 AM
Join Date: Dec 2009
Posts: 77

Buying less due to lack of funds, even without amazon prime still get 99.9% of my movies through the.though ic it weren't for being broke I'd probably be buying more.
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Old 10-29-2010, 10:00 AM
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Easily buying more this year. Although Amazon has remained unchanged/consistent, this year comes the 50% OFF or B1G1 sales at DeepDiscount and for once expand on the usual titles, finally a Sony sale! Dvd2blu has made me jump at least once and even FoxConnect got me to bite on a few, it's rare to see Fox titles in the reasonably priced category. I have been buying LESS at Walmart B&M because my local hicktown store charges a minimum of $5 more for each title. Regular dvd purchases have shot way down for obvious reasons, last one I jumped on was The Dead Zone Complete Collection for $47 on AMZ.
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