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Old 05-09-2008, 07:15 PM
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Are Region A & B Different From Different Sources?

I read the review of con air saying 4/5 for picture, i'm guessing they reviewed the region A version, since this site is american, i just bought the region B version from here in the UK & the picture does not seem all that, maybe 2/5, i'm wondering do they use different source masters for different regions. I just didn't see that HD twinkle that i've seen in lots of other blu-rays, i'm using a really decent samsung 32" LCD, the picture is breathtaking, so no problems there, i know some hd tv's don't twinkle even if the blu-ray is amazing, like my brother's toshiba 28" has a dreadful hd picture, i watched the descent on mine it looked like they were jumping out of the screen & sitting next to me, then saw it on my brother's tv & it looked flat grainy & not very twinkly, but you could tell it was hd but......... I have tried both region A & B versions of hellboy & they looked exactly the same, so is it just a case of my standards being too high for con air or is the region B version a pile of crap.
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Old 05-09-2008, 08:14 PM
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It just depends on the title.
like say if one of the major studios is the one distributing it, then it would be the same in France as say the US.
If it's a smaller studio like say Kinowelt or Eureka then they might have done a release for the UK say, and then another distributor/studio might have the rights to another area, and so that version would be a different transfer.
so the answer is it really is a case by case basis.
An example would also be like "Gangs of New York." That has come out on bd, but it will not be the same tranfer as the one that Disney has upcoming because it is by a different studio.
Though HD DVD didn't have region coding, as far as titles, there are more different versions than on bd so far. Almost all of the Blu-Ray titles that have been released only have one version/transfer.
To further confuse things if it is a major restoration say, then the same transfer elements could be licensed to different studios/distributors in different countries that would produce versions all based on the same elements, but for one reason or another one might end up better than another. We haven't really seen that yet, because so far there hasn't been an example of that as far as I know. confusing enough?

btw: as far as "Con Air" there is only one version so far.

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Old 05-10-2008, 09:05 AM
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I sat down & properly watched con air last night, rather than just flicking through, now my new score is 4/5! The picture really is the tits. Thanks guys.
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