There are some people in this community who don't like my "stop or else" attitude, but I dont' really care. When you do as much baby-sitting of GROWN ADULTS as we do... you start to get angry!

With that said, here is another 'ultimatum'... ALL political threads are hereby banned from this site. I don't care what it has to do with the price of tea in China... if you start a political thread, you will be instantly banned for 3 days... and your second offense will result in a permanent ban from this site.

We tried to let you discuss politics, but there are some members who just can't handle it... so we are closing it down... NOW... and for good.

Do NOT start 15 threads in the feedback section asking for them to be re-opened... it's NOT going to happen. I don't care if you have something legitimate to discuss... because within the hour, it will just turn into an inferno of flaming that would make Hell look like Antartica... so NO... they are not going to be allowed, or re-opened.

Complaints about moderation will result in an INSTANT 2 week ban... we are tired of trying to treat people like adults, and then coming back through and picking up the poopy diapers!!! It's done.

If I sound a little 'upset', it's because I am... GROW UP, show some respect to your fellow forum members, and find something else to talk about... preferably something related to High-Def Media!

Please don't test me.........