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Old 04-13-2007, 09:26 AM
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Default Decision: Refurb Samsung or 20gb PS3?

Found a refurbished Samsung for $412 shipped, has warranty and good refund policy etc...or a new 20gb PS3 for $500 shipped?

So a difference of $88. Not that much really...

I'm guessing the Samsung has better build quality being a true component? Samsung does have optical & coaxial digital inputs as well as the coveted analog outs. After the faulty issues at the start, the Samsung seems to have been viewed highly. PeterB uses this and the PS3 for his BD reviews.

PS3 is HDMI 1.3 ready and can already decode Dolby True HD. Not many BD titles use that though. Image is reported to be very sharp and nearly up there with the Sony and Elite player. No analog outs but does have optical.

Here's my dilemna. At least now for my setup with my reciever having no HDMI but does have analog outs....I couldn't benefit from the 5.1 lossless tracks found on most BD titles. Currently using the analog outs on my reciever for the XA-1. So this limitation like most of us have, some player will get the audio shaft for a limited time.

I will eventually get a new reciever but this is way down the road after a few other things. Probably next year sometime.

The PS3 does seem like a better investment though. Thoughts?
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Old 04-13-2007, 11:43 AM
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I think you are right in saying that the Samsung is a true component with more output options. Does it fit better into your setup than the PS3? Would you use the PS3 for gaming? Both players are really nice looking and would complement any home theatre setup. I'm not a gamer, so I wouldn't use features on the PS3 other than BD playback, so I would probably go with the refurbished Samsung.
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Old 04-13-2007, 01:08 PM
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I would go with the PS3, which I have already

1st Gen players especially of a new format of which the Samsung was released very early, tend not to be that great, I've seen alot of people on the web say that they have had problems with the Samsung, generally I would not normally rate a games console over a stand alone, but currently until stand alones drop in pricing and are at 2nd / 3rd generation I would hold off and get a PS3 it has full 1080P output and HDMI 1.3 , the samsung has a chip that downscales and upscales so you dont really get true 1080P as per the PS3

I had problems when I bought a 1st Gen Panasonic DVD for $800, it had lots of problems, I'm going to buy a proper stand alone next year when prices should be down to about $3-400 and 2nd/3rd so alot of issues should be sorted out, and I'd never recommend a refurb anyway

Thats just my Opinion, its upto you really !
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Old 04-13-2007, 01:47 PM
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Can you find the 20 GB PS3 anywhere?
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