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Old 02-26-2008, 10:11 PM
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Default Please give me your opinon on these Sony Players...

Hey, current HD-DVD owner, going to be purchasing a Blu-Ray player in the next couple weeks and I live fairly close to a Sony outlet store that sells all refurbished products. I was there over the weekend and noticed they had tons of Blu-Ray player for about 60% off. I would like some feedback on what I should buy, my television is only 720p and I have a Sony 5.1 SA-VA system set up, so sound would be important also. Here are my options...

Sony BDP-S300 for 249.99
Sony BDP-S500 for 299.99
Playstation 3 for 299.99 after 100 off for signing up for a Sony Credit Card

Those are my three options, I already own a 360 and wouldn't use PS3 for gaming at all probably, but am not against owning a PS3 for just Blu Ray...I also do not really care about Profile 2.0 or anything...what's the reccomendations on this blu ray people?
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Old 02-26-2008, 10:30 PM
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I would go with a Sony BDP-S500 if you do not care about profile 1.1 and profile 2.0. Now if you are interested in PIP bonus view then the Playstation 3 is the way to go with the fast load times and it currently is profile 1.1 and upgradable to profile 2.0.
If you normally do not watch any bonus items on the disc the BDP-S500 should be fine for most uses. I am surprised that the BDP-S500 is the same price as the BDP-S300, bargain.
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Old 02-27-2008, 05:44 AM
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Originally Posted by donconsolmagno View Post
Playstation 3 for 299.99 after 100 off for signing up for a Sony Credit Card
I can't speak for the rest, but I will stand up and defend the PS3 as a stand alone BD player. I traded in my xbox360 and got a PS3 40GB and I couldnt be happier.


1) Quaranteed support from Sony for firmware updates on BD profiles 1.1+, and audio and hardware support.
2) Its an attractive machine and looks good next to other gear.
3) Its quiet and makes virtually no sound when watching films.
4) It loads BD and DVD films VERY fast, compared to virtually all other machines.
5) Its cheaper.
6) It stores and plays back images, music and videos.
7) PS3 and PS1 games.
8) Downloading of demos and trailors from the playstation network for free.


The only issue I can see, is that the PS3 doesnt support all sound formats or 7.1 (as this time; note firmware updates). But as ive said before in other threads; unless you have an expensive sound system to take advantage of these sound formats or 7.1 sound, it makes no difference.

The PS3 will play sound great through any standard sound system anyway and it sounds amazing! And firmware updates are likely to add more sound support and 7.1 playback!

Bottom line is that I have a PS3 40gb, playing into my 30inch HDtv and sound via my PC into a 7.1 system and it all sounds and looks amazing IMO.

It depends what you want!

The PS3 is future proof and concidering how much BD-java will change, that is VERY important. This is compared to most current BD players which arent. Its only newer (more expensive) players being developed now, which will offer web updates like the PS3.

But are those quaranteed full support like the PS3? Sony is likely to support the PS3 before any stand alone BD players because its their main source of revenue for BD at the minute.
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