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Default Calibration Discs

I've seen one for HD-DVD before, are their any blu-ray ones? or does that even matter, since your just calibrating the tv through the dvd I suppose.. I'd like to know more about it, fill me in, along with names of said disc(s) so I could purchase it/them
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There is a Blu-ray version of Digital Video Essentials in the works, but it's been delayed several times (typical problem with the production company).
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if you know how to do it than sony blu-ray's come with a basic calibrating tool, you press 7669 then enter on your remote when in the menu

And from what I've read ( haven't tested ) T2 the lionsgate version has a THX optimizer on it's blu-ray disc.
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Originally Posted by peterhefer1 View Post
if you know how to do it than sony blu-ray's come with a basic calibrating tool, you press 7669 then enter on your remote when in the menu.
The info below is copied from another thread concerning Sony's "free" calibration software. Each calibration screen is up for about 15 seconds but you can an pause it and then use the chapter keys to advance to the next screen. I've played around with it a little bit, it does work on most Sony disc.

"There are a few adjustment where the included test patterns can be particulary useful for getting the best possible picture. Most of our discs have at least 4 test patterns included, SMPTE bars, monoscope, ramp and cross hatch. The first adjustment I usually concern myself with is the black level or "brightness". Bring up the colorbar signal and pause your player. Turn up your monitor "brightness" and confirm that all 3 pluge chips are visible in the lower right hand corner of the screen. If all three can be seen, then you have confirmed that your player and monitor are passing signals "below black". Next, adjust the brightness control down until the right chip is just visible. You now have an optimum black level setting. Put the player back into play mode and chapter skip to the next pattern, the monoscope and pause once again. Ideally, you should see a complete image with 16:9 shown at the corners and no truncating of the triangles. If you don't see the full image, check if you monitor supports "full pixel", "dot by dot" or some other description of a mode that allows a 1:1 relationship between the incoming signal and the pixels on your display. Some displays do not allow the disabling of "overscan" so you will not be able to make this adjustment. The monoscope is also useful for checking over sharpening, or filtering of the image. Ideally the round patterns comprised of wedges should be clear, sharp with no asymetrical gray bars or ovals. Distortions in the pattern usually indicate that a scaler is being used in the display. Also check that the squares comprised of 2x2 pixel black squares are distinct. If sharpening is used, the black or white portions of these squares is often exaggerated. And finally can you read the text on the bottom of the pattern for the company that created it? If you can, you are likely getting a full 1920 x 1080 image."
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