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Default Hp 20.1 Inch Pavilion Blu-ray Notebook Is The Best Notebook Computer So Far

I just had the opportunity to borrow for a while and configure a HP 20.1 inch Pavilion Entertainment Notebook. The 20.1 Inch HP Notebook fully loaded costs over $4,000 if one selects the best options. The Notebook I used was fully loaded with the most powerful options. It has the BLU-RAY drive with Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit, 4GB of RAM, 1920 X 1200 20.1 inch screen, 2.8GHZ processor, 7200RPM hard drives, etc. Just after my friend received his new HP Notebook with a 256MB graphics card, HP is now offering for another $250 a 512MB graphics card option. I am sure he would have went with a 512MB card but it was not a option at the time when he ordered. Computers change fast.
HP is the only Notebook manufactory that offers a 20.1 inch screen with a 1920 X 1200 resolution. Dell and everyone else’s 20.1 inch Notebooks do not offer that good of resolution unless you choose the 17 inch size in a Dell or Sony. Also HP is the only company that offers 64bit Windows Ultimate installed. If you get a Sony or Dell it ships with 32 bit Windows. Of course with Vista Ultimate 64 bit Edition or any other 64 bit version of Windows you need to make sure hardware like printers and external trackballs have 64 bit drivers for them. My friend had a Canon laser printer that only worked with 32 bit windows. He ended up buying a new HP laser printer. HP and Lexmark make 64 bit drivers for their printers. So as long as one makes sure their hardware they plan on using supports 64 bit windows then that is the way to go. Vista 64 bit recognizes 4GB or more memory and also runs faster compared to 32 bit Vista.
The HP Notebook was amazing. I watched Casino Royale on BLU-RAY from about a foot away from the 20,1 inch Notebook screen that supports full 1080P. The level of detail was excellent. Seating a foot away from a 20.1 inch screen felt like I was in a miniature movie theater. Once the operating system loaded it took less then 10 seconds for the BLU-RAY disc to load. Of course using a 2.8GHZ processor and 4GB of memory allows things to move faster. The Notebook also has an ATSC/NTSC/FM tuner built in. The in the clear ATSC channels looked good with the included indoor ant. As soon as I hooked up a better indoor antenna the Notebook tuner pulled in more HD and SD digital channels.
The HP 20.1 inch Notebook with full 1080P support and 7.1 surround sound options is the best entertainment Notebook out there for BLU-RAY watching. Of course the Notebook is not perfect. The HD tuner card built in only supports analog cable TV and no QAM tuner to receive in the clear HD channels over cable. The ATSC tuner worked fairly good. This is an ideal Notebook for portable BLU-RAY watching if you do not mind traveling with a large size Notebook.
There is always room for improvement. Currently all the Notebooks I have tested including HP only support 60HZ output for BLU-RAY. The native 1080P/24 signal is displayed on the screen at 60HZ. The HDMI output supports 1080P/60 but no 1080P/24. It would be nice if desktop and Notebook monitors would start supporting 24fps at multiplies of the original frame. Even though the Notebook has a 7.1 surround sound it does not support advanced audio formats like DTS HD master audio. Most people will already have a standalone BLU-RAY player, primary use of this Notebook is for someone that wants the best quality for portable BLU-RAY watching while at the same time having a powerful portable entertainment PC to use. This top of the line HP Notebook with DDR2 memory was fast but if one does not need portability a high –end desktop computer with DDR3 memory would be a better choice. Desktops are more powerful and cheaper then Notebooks. With Notebooks one is paying for the small size.

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