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Default my generally pro ps3 review..

I hope this hasnt been too overdone...

I have about 10 movies on blu ray right now...enough for good reference as to what the future looks like...and the future of blu ray looks bright!!!

its fun upscaling my movie collection

its actually just the perfect thing if you have a screen larger than 32"
it makes regular factory DVDs of movies look phenominal...smooths out all the blocky-ness and sharpens the edges. edge enhancements are also infrequent and unobtrusive...colors dont bleed and blur...and makes stuff like mist look like just that...mist!! not pixels or little diamonds of color, or little square blocks....oh..i digress!!!

But it definitely is a selling point that is not normally explored,

i did channel to channel, direct comparisons with my PS3 hooked up via HDMI/DVI and my dvd player with progressive scan and RBG connectors
and stuff like kiss: rock the nation looked phenominal or star wars (any)... and older movies like the un-remastered version of american psycho.... looked really nice..

then when i put in stuff like bram stokers dracula (super bit master dvd version) It looks as good as the close encounters blu ray other words, visually superior to other players...then put in some entirely digital content and its sometimes like looking through a window instead of a "tv" !

I never realized what a difference it would make for my current dvd collection, as an "upscaler" it does wonders and i highly reccomend it for that reason alone, an amazing dvd/blu-ray player.

For the future..blu ray has serious possibilities..

lets hope cheap DUAL FORMAT players kill the format wars....
like what happened to the DVD+R DVD-R wars
its basically the same type of problem
everyone including manufacturers got tired of it and made most dvd players and recorders play both +R and only really matters with pcs nowadays, and id bet most new pcs play and record on both dvd+r and DVd-r!!????

wouldnt that be great if the manufacturers would just do that??

I want DUAL format (BLU RAY HDDVD) players for a reasonable price!!!!!
anyone with me on that??

oh yea, as another few selling points...., it plays new games, cds,and upscales ps1 titles too..

it does slightly lack in audio, but i havent gotten my optical audio hooked up jurys out on that one, so to speak.

great forum.. thanks for reading my long post!!
great talking with everyone here!
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