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Old 09-01-2007, 10:12 AM
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Default PS3: Great, Good, Fair, or Poor BR Player?

I have been price matching / looking for blue ray players for quiet some time. What I've found is that I can pick up a 20gig PS3 on eBay for around 300 dollars which is a little more than I would care to spend but I do like some of titles out on blue ray, that I just can't get on HD-DVD. I can't wait for Ratatouille this fall!!

When my good friend bought his new BR player I was excited to see it in action and having to sit through the debacle with Pirates it really turned me off towards blue ray.

But I was thinking the PS3 is a very powerful machine in it's own right so hopefully those snags that I experienced with his blue ray player wouldn't exist with the PS3.

If I buy a used PS3 on eBay what is sony's policy on any warranty service?

Is the PS3 upgradeable for any future firmware / software updates that will be required for blueray? I'd like to think this a solid purchase and will serve me many years, and by that time I would hope that the war has been decided, dvd is slowly fazing out, and we have $100 & $200 players to choose from

Thanks for the help!
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Old 09-01-2007, 12:10 PM
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Default Great

I'll try to answer some of your questions about whether or not the PS3 is a worthwhile purchase.

I have one & am very happy with it. (60GB)

You can get updates for the Ps3 & it will continue to be upgradable for the foreseeable future. Current firmware is ver. 1.90. The hardware in the Ps3 is definately set for future compliance (1.1 or 2.0.) However noone can verify this for you yet as sony hasn't yet announced anything...probably due to upcoming sales of two standalone bdplayers...

The Ps3 harddrive can be changed out if you feel the need to change it out for a larger drive.

It upscales dvds & ps1,2 games to 1080p.
It can be connected to a Pc through your network if you want to stream movies, or access music or pictures on your computer.

The Blu ray player was at release considered the cheapest & best blu ray player.

Finally, BD discs have shown themselves to be more scratch resistant than Hd discs... and even after scratching have been readable in the player. This is rarely the case with Hd dvds. Look at the posts for both formats on this forum & you'll see how actual functionality is better on Ps3.

Thanks for reading.
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