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Default Samsung BD-H6500 Blu-ray 3-D player (Sound and Vision magazine review)

Samsung BD-H6500 Blu-ray 3-D player (Sound and Vision magazine review)

At the beginning of this Sound and Vision magazine review, the author talks about his experience where 70% of people at the table preferred the convenience of pay per view (video on demand) and streaming services like Netflix, Vudu, and Amazon VOD instead of physical discs like Blu-ray. To be honest I have also ran into many people that prefer the convenience of HD video on demand from cable/satellite and HD Internet based streaming services instead of Blu-ray discs. Many consumers are purchasing Smart HDTV’s with built in Vudu and Netflix and bypassing the purchase of Blu-ray players. Several people that own older flat panel displays that lacks built in streaming features are purchasing Blu-ray players for as low as $59.99, and are using the Blu-ray player for streaming features, and to watch their old DVD collection, with no interest in purchasing a Blu-ray disc. While it’s true that Blu-ray physical discs offer the best high-bit rate 1080P picture with exclusive 7.1 studio master lossless audio, the fact is some people purchasing Blu-ray players are not renting Blu-ray discs and not purchasing any Blu-ray movies. I am surprised at the number of people I have ran into that only use their Blu-ray player to play DVD’s and watch streaming services like Netflix. Some people believe that as the quality of streaming services increases over the years that in 5 to 10 years from now physical discs will be much less in demand. For now audio CD’s, 480i DVD’s, and HD 1080P Blu-ray movie discs are still being manufactured in the optical disc factories. Almost 100% of all modern Blu-ray players have HD streaming features built in, which is a big selling point for consumers that own an older flat panel display with no streaming services. However, including several streaming services in a Blu-ray player is like a double edged sword, the streaming services built in a Blu-ray player will increase the demand for consumers to own a Blu-ray player, however watching Vudu and Netflix HD movies on a Blu-ray player will lower the demand for renting and purchasing physical Blu-ray discs. There are some consumers that own Blu-ray players that have never experienced playing a Blu-ray disc in their Blu-ray player.

Samsung BD-H6500 Blu-ray 3-D player comments

The Samsung BD-H6500 Blu-ray 3-D player requires a modern HD display with a HDMI input (All modern flat panel HDTV’s and HD projectors in the last several years have HDMI inputs). One negative feature of this Samsung BD-H6500 Blu-ray player is that it lacks 1GB of internal memory for BD-LIVE. In order to use the BD-LIVE feature on this Samsung Blu-ray player, one needs to plug a blank 1GB or larger USB flash memory drive or powered USB hard drive to the front USB jack. Cosmetically plugging a USB flash drive in the front of the Blu-ray player for BD-live looks bad. More expensive Blu-ray players on the market have a USB jack in both the front and back of the Blu-ray player. On my OPPO BDP-103D Blu-ray player I leave a 2TB hard drive with a USB interface plugged into the back USB jack 100% of the time for BD-LIVE streaming and BD-LIVE download features. Many studios appear to be moving away from the BD-LIVE features on the latest Blu-ray movie discs, so this BD-LIVE feature is less of an issue now.

The Samsung BD-H6500 Blu-ray player will convert 480i film based DVD’s to simulated 1080p/24 by doing a reverse 3:2 pulldown when the 24p output for DVD feature is turned on. According to the Sound and Vision magazine review the Samsung BD-H6500 has the same picture and sound quality out of its HDMI output when compared to the reference OPPO BDP-103D. However, the build quality of the OPPO BDP-103D is much better.

This Samsung BD-H6500 also offers a ultra HD upscaling feature for those consumers who own a 4K Quad HD display.

The Sound and Vision magazine review claims that the Samsung BD-H6500 passed all its video tests at this web link . However, the Sound and Vision magazine review mentions that the Samsung BD-H6500 failed the 2:2 HD benchmark test and received a borderline pass on the chroma test.

The following are select word for word quotes from the Sound and Vision magazine review

“Samsung players have proven to be solid performers in our benchmark tests for years, and the BD-H6500 was more than up to the task, sailing through most of the tests. Like past players, it failed the 2:2 HD benchmark, but that’s a common (and largely inconsequential) result. And because the player slightly rolled off some chroma(another fairly common fault), it received a borderline pass on that test; still, the effect wasn’t prevalent in real-world material, so I gave the player the benefit of the doubt.”

“The BD-H6500 has pretty much everything you need in a modern Blu-ray player: UHD upscaling, 3D, plenty of streaming options, and built-in Wi-Fi. But the build quality is rather suspect, with the player weighing in at less than 3 pounds.”

“The rear panel includes a single HDMI 1.4 output (which supports Blu-ray 3D and Deep Color), aTosLink optical output, and an Ethernet port. If you need dual HDMI outputs, you’ll have to step up to the next Samsung model and part with about $80 more in order to bypass a non-3D-capable AVR/pre-pro to enjoy 3D.”

“The BD-H6500 can decode DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD soundtracks internally and pass the audio out via PCM to your AVR, or you can pass the raw bitstream to your compatible gear—the choice is yours to make, but I couldn’t detect any audible differences between the two in my setup.”

“Since the analog video hole was closed a couple of years ago (because we’re all pirates who want to steal movies), Samsung has chosen to exclude an analog audio output as well.”

“Most of what you’ll need is taken care of during the auto-setup routine, but if you want to enable some of the advanced features (such as 24p output for DVD) or toggle the audio between bitstream and PCM, you can make those adjustments here.”

“Last year I was surprised at how loud the disc-drive mechanism was in the BD-F5900 I tested, but thankfully that isn’t the case here.”

“The player’s audio and video prowess didn’t let me down in any way and matched the experience from my reference Oppo BDP-103D player.”

“Every disc I threw at the Samsung performed well, so there are no issues to complain about. What really sets this player apart from the masses is its wide choice of streaming options.”

“While it won’t replace my Oppo anytime soon, I could definitely see myself using this player in a spare room because of its fantastic audio and video performance and its bevy of streaming options. Recommended.”

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Samsung makes some of the best mid-level players on the market. At a $60 price point for a 3D capable unit though I question the overall quality/longevity.
I see you just couldn't resist to post about "the impending doom" of physical discs again.
On one hand, yes the BD Live is on it's way down, but on the other hand, SERIOUSLY SAMSUNG? On a production line, how expensive would a 1GB ram module been to install internally? 5 cents? 25 cents? Even say 1 dollar ?? Some of the HP branded flash drives are super tiny so would not be very noticeable on the port, but it's still lame.
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When I was talking about streaming features, I was mentioning the cheapest name brand Blu-ray player costs $59.99. However, I am sorry if I did not make myself clear, this Samsung BD-H6500 4K Quad HD upscaling Blu-ray player has a list price of $180.

The Blu-ray Disc Association messed up when it came to BD-LIVE. They should have required a minimum of 1GB or 4GB of flash storage to be built inside all Blu-ray players in order to be profile 2.0 BD-LIVE certified. Instead, the BDA rules allow companies to call their Blu-ray players profile 2.0 BD-LIVE as long as the Blu-ray player can accept an external flash storage or hard drive. The problem is almost all new Blu-ray players on the market are profile 2.0 BD-LIVE certified with no internal memory reserved for BD-LIVE. So 99% of the standalone Blu-ray players in 2014 require the consumer to go purchase an external flash drive or hard drive in order to use the BD-LIVE feature. Many consumers new to Blu-ray are confused when they cannot watch some of the BD-LIVE bonus features on the Blu-ray disc since BD-LIVE will not work at all until the consumer installs some external flash memory. BD-LIVE is on its way out since the average consumer does not know how to use it. Also BD-LIVE encoded discs have sometimes caused some loading problems with bad java code on some movie titles. In addition BD-LIVE discs take longer to load in general.
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