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Default Cyberlink PowerDVD 14 Ultra

I purchased this PowerDVD 14 Ultra retail box version from Amazon (comes on CD-ROM, small printed user guide, and large PDF manual on the CD-ROM) . It appears to be faster when compared to the older 13 Ultra version. Many of the features are exactly the same, the Subtitle and Closed Captioning menu appears to have been improved.

On standalone Blu-ray players for $59.99 and less there is a 24P menu option to tell the standalone Blu-ray player to output either 1080p/24 or to output 1080p/60 using 3:2 pulldown (Auto, off, and force). I am disappointed that Cyberlink PowerDVD 14 Ultra does not offer any 24P button that would communicate with the HDMI port on ones computer graphics card to output native 1080p/24. It still appears that PowerDVD 14 Ultra is sending 1080P at 60Hz to the graphics card and then the graphics card does a reverse 3:2 pulldown to output 1080P/24. Hopefully when PowerDVD 15 Ultra is released next year, one will hopefully see a 24P menu option like one finds on all standalone Blu-ray players.

Cyberlink should consider changing the name of its software to Power Blu-ray 15 Ultra (or some other name with Blu-ray in it). Some consumers see the DVD name in PowerDVD and think this is just a software package that plays DVD’s. All modern standalone Blu-ray players call their players a Blu-ray player.
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