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Default Oppo BDP-103D 3D Blu-ray Player (Sound and Vision magzine review)

Sound and Vision magazine just published an excellent review on the OPPO BDP-103D. The new OPPO BDP-103D and BDP-105D will send native DSD output out of both HDMI port one and port two (The older 2012 BDP-103 and BDP-105 models due to a hardware limitation were not able to send DSD out of HDMI port one).According to the Sound and Vision review the BDP-103D passed all the video test bench tests.

Hopefully future models of OPPO Blu-ray players will offer 1GB per second networking like the PS3 has offered since 2006. All standalone Blu-ray players on the market are still limited to 100Mbps networking speed.

The following are select word for word quotes from the Sound and Vision magazine review

“Our Top Pick Blu-ray player only gets better with onboard Darbee video processing and full support for DSD file playback.”

“But the BDP-103D, reviewed here, is more than just a BDP-103 with Darbee processing. Oppo has done a few more tweaks to their player, making it an even stronger Top Pick than before.”

“Another big difference from the BDP-103 is the omission of the Marvell QDEO processing chip and the addition of DVDO’s new VRS ClearView processing.”

“The BDP-103D moves some of the video processing to Oppo’s custom Mediatek chip and some to the VRS ClearView processor.”

“The biggest addition is full support for DSD playback, not just from an SACD disc, which the player has always done, but also from files stored on an external drive or a USB stick. DSD downloads have been getting quite a bit of buzz lately, with several Websites offering downloadable high-resolution DSD files for playback.”

“One slight difference from the Darblet is that the Darbee processing in the Oppo is done in the 4:2:2 color space. You can still select whatever color-space output you want from the Oppo (RGB/4:2:2/4:4:4), but regardless of your decision, the player will have done a conversion to 4:2:2 if you have Darbee on.”

“Oppo was quick to point out that their version of Darbee can be updated via firmware, a feature the Darblet lacked (on the customer end).”

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