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Default HD PiP otional for profile 1.1 and BDlive


Originally Posted by paidgeek
It was pointed out to me that I missed an "optional" statement for HD PiP in one of the annexes of the format books. Specifically, this means that SD PiP is mandatory, HD PiP is optional.
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and as someone else already asked, is HD pip either mandatory OR optional for HD DVD?
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with thanks to fozziwig, quoted from a post in another thread in the smackdown forums (for anyone who's seeing the implicit fud in the OP but doesn't frequent the smackdowns to see this response...)

Originally Posted by Fozziwig View Post
Just to clear up any confusion this thread might create:

Blu-ray hardware with BD-J profile 1.1 provides PIP through a secondary video stream that will support resolutions from 480p up to 1080p. This is mandatory.

Using Blu-ray Disc it's up to the studios to choose the quality of PIP, but whatever resolution they choose, the BD-J profile 1.1 players will handle PIP up to full 1080p.

To repeat: It's mandatory for all BD-J profile 1.1 players to play back up to 1080p on the secondary video stream.

For the studios they have the option of encoding discs with PIP at 480p, 720p or 1080p depending on the material used for the PIP video stream.
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