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Default Samsung BD-E6500 Blu-ray 3D Player (Home Theater Magazine review)

Samsung BD-E6500 Blu-ray 3D Player

Home Theater Magazine review

The Samsung BD-E6500 3-D Blu-ray player is Samsung’s top of the line Blu-ray player with a suggested list price of $230 and a street price of around $179. What is disappointing is that the Home Theater magazine review incorrectly claims the Samsung BD-E6500 Blu-ray player has 1GB of internal memory for BD-LIVE. According to the Samsung BD-E6500 user manual an external USB drive that is at least 1GB in size is required in order to use the BD-LIVE feature (NO INTERNAL MEMORY FOR BD-LIVE). Since there is only a front USB connection on the Samsung BD-E6500, cosmetically a USB flash drive plugged in the front will not look that good (some Blu-ray players offer both a rear and front USB jack or a small hidden front SD card slot for BD-LIVE storage). Also the Samsung BD-E6500 Blu-ray player and all other modern Blu-ray players manufactured around the year 2014 per the AACS Blu-ray Disc Association license agreements are not allowed to have any analog video outputs or pass analog video when a Blu-ray AACS encoded disc is being played do to analog piracy concerns. So consumers will need to own a modern HD display with either a HDMI connection or DVI connection with HDCP in order to connect the newest models of Blu-ray players being released. The Samsung BD-E6500 also has one HDMI 1.4 output with 2 HDMI inputs. HDMI inputs are ideal for those consumers that do not own an A/V receiver with HDMI inputs. The Samsung BD-E6500 works like a HDMI video and audio switcher for those that need a couple extra HDMI inputs.

The big negative regarding the so called top of the line Samsung BD-E6500 is that the DVD upconversion is not as good when compared to a OPPO, Sony, or Panasonic Blu-ray player. OPPO, Sony, and Panasonic Blu-ray players also have a long history of reliable firmware updates over the years.

The top of the line Sony BDP-S790 3-D Blu-ray player for a list price of $250 is a much better Blu-ray player when compared to Samsung’s BD-E6500. With the Sony BDP-S790 Blu-ray player one gets 4k scaling with excellent reference quality DVD upconversion (The Sony BDP-S790 also has the 24P DVD feature for DVD's that are encoded with 3:2 pulldown). Also the Sony BDP-S790 has two HDMI 1.4 outputs and will play Super Audio CD’s with a pure DSD option. There is even a 480i composite video output on the Sony BDP-S790 for old 480i SD displays that only have a composite video input. The Sony BDP-S790 also has two USB jacks (one in the rear and one in the front).

** Warning for consumers with only DVI connnections, you will need a stereo system or surround sound system in order to hear audio from the Samsung BD-E6500 **

** Since this Samsung BD-E6500 Blu-ray player does not have any analog audio outputs (including no stereo left and right RCA jacks), this means that consumers that own a older HD display with only a DVI connection will be required to also connect a stereo system or surround system in order to get audio. Those that own modern HDTV’s with a HDMI input will not be required to own a stereo system or surround sound system since HDMI carries both audio and video signals. **

The following are select word for word quotes from the Home Theater magazine review

The two best Blu-ray players I've used in 2012 are the Sony BDP-S790 (Home Theater, September 2012) and Oppo BDP-103 (Home Theater, January 2013), and while the Samsung performed admirably in our benchmark video processing tests, it didn't sail through them like the aforementioned players and doesn't sport the stellar DVD upconversion that they do, either. The only test the Samsung failed outright was 2:2 HD—which is a common occurrence for most players—but it barely passed the 2:2 SD and 2:3 SD tests due to its inability to lock onto the signal in a timely manner on the first pass of the race car on the Anchor Bay VRS test disc.”

One area in which I have no complaints is the player's ability to boot up and load discs. In fact, it's one of the fastest I’ve used. The unit powers up and takes you to its Home screen in less than 10 seconds and loads BD-Java-intensive discs in less than 30 seconds. My only gripe is the noise of the disc drive, which is surprisingly loud with various grinding and gurgling noises while accessing the disc.”

Noisy disc loading”

“The BD-E6500 is the company’s current top-of-the line player, and at $230 MSRP (about $179 online)”

“And you won't find any analog connections whatsoever—this baby is pure digital.”

“It's amazing how much Blu-ray player you can get for your buck these days. While the Samsung falls short of both the Sony BDP-S790 and Oppo BDP-103 in numerous areas, both players will hit your wallet harder (about $50 more for the Sony and $220 for the Oppo).”

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