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Default Sony's Flagship 4K Upscaling Player Available Online From Sony

It'll be hitting stores on May 6th other online retailers have not been announced.
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Old 04-24-2012, 10:40 AM
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This sounds like an impressive machine!
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Originally Posted by jedi.master.dre View Post
This sounds like an impressive machine!
Indeed it does. I have been waiting for one in this price range as a second machine to my primary OPPO.

This will do much of what my OPPO will do and for a second room machine I mainly was concerned about SACD compatibility.

The spec sheet at Sony's site even lists it has having DSD output over HDMI so this is the one for me.

I think it is great the inventor of SACD is still putting the capability into many of their machines. My PS3 does but of course it is the older "FAT" model. I know it was left off the newer models for cost cutting hopefully it will come back in their next console.

Personally, I have 12 SACD players, varying from single disc stand alones, to DVD players, PS3, and Blu Ray players. I NEVER buy a machine which does not have it. For a while it was mainly Denon, some Pioneers, OPPO and a few other "universal" players but Sony left it off their DVD players for some time.

I am still holding on to hope it will make a large resurgence, however unlikely it may be.

Honestly the less an SACD compatible machine does the better, more features equals more noise both to our ears from fans etc., and electronic noise. This is why I use a SACD player in my main system even though my PS3 is compatible, the sound quality is noticeable and I did a blind test with a buddy who had never even heard the format before. I wanted to eliminate the possible "placebo" effect I thought I may be experiencing. Adding the DSD output improves the sound even further. Just a great format.

I have over 8000 vinyl records but SACD's are sure more portable and durable. The sound, IMO, is about as close as you can get to vinyl.
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