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Default The LG BD690 3-D Blu-ray player receives a bad review from Home Theater magazine

The LG BD690 3-D Blu-ray player receives a bad review from Home Theater magazine

The LG BD690 like all other Blu-ray players introduced in 2011 requires the use of a HDMI output for those that want to watch Blu-ray movies in HD quality. The Component video outputs only offer 480i SD quality (At least this player has component video outputs, many other brands like the 2011 Panasonic models do not). The Panasonic Blu-ray players offer a better video performance for SD video compared to the LG BD690 since the LG BD690 failed the 2:2 SD cadence test. On the positive side the LG BD-690 has a built in 250GB hard drive for plenty of storage for BD-LIVE, video files, and audio files.

I will continue to recommend only OPPO, Panasonic, and Sony Blu-ray players to people since they offer both reliable firmware updates and overall excellent performance for the money. Sure there are other good brands of Blu-ray players also but LG and Samsung Blu-ray players have a long history of waiting for reliable firmware updates to be received along with all kinds of optical disc playback issues. This recent Home Theater magazine review is another example of a bad review for LG when it comes to the new LG BD690 3-D Blu-ray player.

The following are select quotes from the August 2011 Home Theater magazine review

“After the BD590, LG upped the ante with this year’s BD690, which includes all of last year’s features plus the addition of Blu-ray 3D and more streaming options.”

“Absent are 7.1 analog audio outputs for owners of legacy AVRs without HDMI, but as time goes on, this is becoming less important”

“The BD690 performed very well in our Video Test Bench, with its only failure coming on the standard-definition 2:2 cadence test.”

“One of my biggest gripes against the BD590 was its poisonously slow user interface. Sadly, the same issue applies to the BD690.”

“With a Blu-ray player, you need to update the firmware the moment you unbox it, and this event repeats itself quarterly to accommodate quirky BD+ copy protection on new disc releases. Then there are the firmware updates gone awry—the occasional “fix” that introduces more problems than it solves. When that happens, a company’s ability to respond to trouble becomes critical. But if the manufacturers don’t make enough money selling players, they can’t easily justify the timely updates and prompt service their customers deserve. While I love a great bargain as much as the next guy, it’s also important to consider the manufacturer’s record of after-purchase support.”

“I wish these were the only problems I had with the player, but this wasn’t the case. Both units LG sent me initially suffered numerous audio dropouts when they played back both DVD and Blu-ray Discs. On DVDs, there was an audio dropout directly following most chapter breaks on every disc I ran through the player—and I could repeat this by rewinding and replaying the scene. On Blu-ray Discs, I experienced an audio dropout in The Company Men and The Terminator, although I couldn’t re-create these dropouts when I rewound the discs, as on the DVDs. And I wasn’t alone: The enthusiast Website AV Science Forum ( showed numerous postings of complaints of similar audio dropouts from current owners of BD690 and BD670 players running the same firmware version."

“I also experienced some glitches with the internal hard drive on the second unit LG sent me. It failed to respond on two occasions. Without access to the hard drive, BD-Live titles won’t play properly since the disc won’t detect any storage in the player. Fortunately, after I rebooted the player, I regained disc access.”

“An interim firmware upgrade during our testing failed to correct these issues, most notably the ongoing audio dropouts with DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. But as we were going to press, about seven weeks after we had alerted LG to the problems that both we and other users were experiencing, a third firmware upgrade appeared to eliminate the audio dropouts, although it failed to resolve the streaming issues I was having with my Windows Home Server network drive. LG’s engineering team suggested I might be having trouble because I wasn’t running the Nero DLNA software they ship with the player, which is compatible with Windows PCs but not with Windows Home Server. Oddly, last year’s BD590 model worked fine with my current software as do all of my other DLNA devices.”


This is the second year in a row we’ve had firmware trouble with one of LG’s players. Last year’s BD590 finally received a firmware update about 30 days into my evaluation that addressed our issues and earned it a place in our Top Picks. I liked the player so much that I bought one for my mom."

"Sadly, my experience with the BD690 has been frustrating, and although LG seems to have addressed its major performance issues at this writing, I can’t feel very comfortable recommending it. Home Theater waited nearly two months for a firmware fix after notifying LG, and although they were said to be hard at work on a solution that whole time, it was an awfully long time for us and other customers to live with unresolved issues of this magnitude. Despite an impressive list of features, stellar customer service is just as important when you’ll need firmware updates over the life of the product.”

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