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Default The Panasonic DMP-BDT210 is the fastest Blu-ray player every tested so far. (review)

According to CNET speed ratings, the Panasonic DMP-BDT210 is the fastest Blu-ray player every tested so far. Currently the Panasonic DMP-BDT210 is the fastest standalone Blu-ray player on the market (Other Panasonic 2011 3-D players like the DMP-BDT310 and DMP-BDT110 most likely offer the exact same loading speed but were not tested by CNET). On average it sounds like the Panasonic DMP-BDT210 is nearly 10 seconds faster compared to all other competitor’s fastest players.
Click here for CNET’s full 2011 Blu-ray player comparison chart

Kris Deering wrote an interesting review on the Panasonic DMP-BDT210 Blu-ray player in the August 2011 Home Theater magazine (Review located on pages 64-66). In Kris Deering’s review there is a chart on page 65 which shows that the Panasonic DMP-BDT210 passes all the difficult video tests. Panasonic every year passes all the Home Theater magazine video tests, but what surprised me this year is that the video scaling for the DMP-BDT210 only received a “GOOD” rating instead of an “EXCELLENT” rating. The old Panasonic DMP-BD60 that was reviewed by Kris Deering back in 2009 passed all the difficult video tests also but for that model the video scaling was rated as “EXCELLENT” (Panasonic DMP-BD60 review). What this means is either the older Panasonic Blu-ray players have a better video scaling when compared to the 2011 Panasonic models or the Home Theater Magazine benchmark quality standards have been raised to a higher standard in order for a Blu-ray player to earn the “Excellent” rating for scaling for the year 2011.

All the 2011 Panasonic Blu-ray players do not have component video outputs for legacy 480i displays with component video inputs. Those that need 1080i, 720P, or 480i over component video will need to hunt down an old 2010 Panasonic Blu-ray player online before they are gone for good (because of the AACS rules). Also this years 2011 Panasonic Blu-ray players do not have 7.1 or 5.1 analog audio outputs. Lossless audio is available over HDMI or lossy surround sound over fiber connection.

Like all prior generations of Panasonic Blu-ray players, the Panasonic 2011 models lack 1GB of internal memory for BD-LIVE. For the DMP-BDT210 model that means a SD card needs to be purchased so BD-LIVE can be used.

** 24fps DVD feature for film based DVD’s is a nice feature offered on all Panasonic 2011 models (Panasonic 2009 and 2010 models also have the 24fps DVD feature) **

The following are some select quotes from the August 2011 Home Theater magazine review (review located on pages 64-66)

“Reference quality Blu-ray playback”

“Skype video calling”

“Since the beginning of the Blu-ray format, Panasonic has been a leader in the price/performance segment of the market and my go-to recommendation for anyone who’s looking for excellence on a budget.”

“The player doesn’t have any built-in memory for BD-Live applications or for Skype messages, so you’ll have to rely on an SD card (not included) for those applications. This is another small disappointment considering how many players include at least 1 gigabyte of internal memory these days.”

“The DMP-BDT210 breezed through all of our video processing tests and turned in excellent Video Test Bench results all around.”

“While the lack of connectivity options may be a problem for some, the DMP-BDT210 delivered the rest of the Blu-ray experience in spades. Panasonic still manages to deliver some of the best video and audio performance on the market at a price point that’s generally lower than the competition.”

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They can say all they want about Panasonic Blu-ray players, but these are not made to last!

And that's what those reviewers cannot tell you!

But I can!
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Originally Posted by LordoftheRingsEE View Post
They can say all they want about Panasonic Blu-ray players, but these are not made to last!

And that's what those reviewers cannot tell you!

But I can!
So in your opinion the build quality is not as good on the Panasonic 2011 models compared to the 2010 models?? I realize that the OPPO BDP-93 for $499 has a lot better build quality. I have not taken a 2010 model and 2011 model Panasonic apart to compare the build quality.

Who knows some of the 2011 Panasonic Blu-ray players might see a $50-$75 black Friday Christmas special. The DMP-BDT110 3-D player can already be found for around $100 online.
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Old 07-10-2011, 01:52 AM
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Sorry mate, but now that you ask, here's what I do know!

From the year 2006 up to now, Panasonic Blu-ray players have generally enjoyed raved reviews.
The reviewers don't keep them for very long, so they cannot know when they will become inoperative, very normal.

I owned two of them myself, the 30 and the 55. Both lasted about 16 months before the Blu-ray lens couldn't read the Blu-ray discs anymore!
I did some extensive research, AVS Forums among others, and I also talked to few Panasonic technicians on this matter, plus I had estimates on the cost to fix them plus the cause of the problem by repair technicians.

I found out that many owners had the same problem than me with their Panny Blu-ray players.
Some lasted only few months, others a year to two!
And of course you have 'light' users from who their players lasted longer and even now after three years or so, still operate. Perhaps not at 100% but they can still read DVDs and BDs, at least.

It is one thing to read great reviews from magasines, but another from the actual owners!
And price is totally irrelative in this equation! ...It don't matter if a player cost $1,000, or $500, or $300, or even $100!
Blu-ray players on a general average simply don't last like our old DVD players!

* A technician from Panasonic told me that the Blu-ray lens, because of its much smaller size and fragility, will eventually give up! Meaning not reading BDs any longer!
And a repair technician told me that the small tray mechanism motor was dead! In both my players!
Cost to fix: $500! For only one player!
And Panasonic doesn't carry the drives for them!

OK, you gonna have some people saying that my 30, 50, 35, or 55, or 60, or 65, or 85, or 75, or 110, or 210 (310) are perfectly fine!
Well I hope so! Because that would be very bad indeed!

But here's the fact! Some users play their players every day, while others, once a week.
And not two players are exactly the same!

BUT, there are many people with these models from just above, who are stuck with an inoperative player!
A Panasonic one!

You, you spent your time researching new articles and reviews on newer technologies; 3D, flat panels, A/V receivers, etc., etc., etc. And you post your results in several forums of the Wide Web World, the Internet.
It's great that you do that, and we all appreciate!
Plus you own yourself few of these products. You have your own true experience with them.

Me, the same. Except that I don't do what you do the way you do it! I take an enormous amount of time reading from the owners! And talking with few of them. And I believe that I do that more than you.
Or you tell me if you think I'm wrong.

When you lose a loved one it hurts! Breaks your heart emotionally.
Electronics are different! When they brake down sooner than later, you usually get mad!
And after many breakdowns, you learned your lesson very well! And to make sure, you also ask your brothers and sisters.

*** When in love, we are infatuated! Works with people, and also works with cars and electronics!

I don't know what else I can say to you HDTV1080P, if only that Panasonic Blu-ray players in general are not build to last!

Personally, I would not buy another Panny BD player, and I will be very careful recommending one to my family, friends, and Internet acquaintances!
It remains to be seen if their newer players are up to it! Lasting a reasonable amount of time! Or RELIABILITY!

And I don't have to tell you about Panasonic's rising Black levels on their plasma TVs from 2009 and 2010 models!
We are now watching very closely their 2011 models! And you'll be notified in time on this serious situation!

This is all what I do; researching extensively all the Pros and Cons, including Longetivity of the products!

So by all means, buy that player for less than a $100, and if it last a year or more, BRAVO to you!
But you ain't the only person living on this planet! Sorry, I know you know that.
You know what I'm saying anyway...

The mentality of many people is to simply ignore other's problems when they themselves don't have any!
The Internet is full of them! But I ain't from this gang! I aim for the truth, and only the truth at a universal level!
Say the Good, and say the Bad as well! No one is truly bad, only the idealistic implementation of the human beeing! Its business plan!

Black Friday (in the USA), makes you forget about human errors! Money as a mean to cover up!

You know, I can talk and bring tons of links from all over the Internet, for hours on end! But I won't!

* I just now exchanged only very few thoughts with you regarding Panasonic Blu-ray players, from back in 2006, to now in 2011!
This is HDD forums, in your thread!

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My family members, friends, and relatives own several OPPO BDP-93’s and several Panasonic Blu-ray players. Also some older 2008 Sony Blu-ray players I have a good experience with. Also I have many BD-ROM computer drives. I am talking about over a dozen Blu-ray players. None of the standalone Blu-ray players from OPPO, Panasonic, or Sony have went bad on me so far. There was a BD-ROM Notebook computer drive that a family member of mine needed to have replaced due to a bad laser a few years ago but that was the only time that happen.

I personally stay away from Panasonic plasmas because of the 48Hz flicker issue, 96Hz artifacts, and the fading black level issues. But until I personal experience a Panasonic Blu-ray player going bad I will continue to recommend them as a low cost solution. I would estimate that my family members I know have 4 OPPO players and 3 Panasonic players that are used regularly. I also know of 4 Panasonic Blu-ray players that are used heavily everyday by another group of people.

I understand where you are coming from and I already knew about user complaints about Panasonic Blu-ray players. Panasonic most likely sells several hundreds of thousands more Blu-ray players compared to a company like OPPO or some other smaller companies. The larger percentage of players sold the larger the possibility of a player failure. I have always said OPPO has a much better build quality but their players start at a price of $499. I own more OPPO’s then I do Panasonic players.

With as many Panasonic players that my friends and relatives own you will be hearing from me if one of them breaks. Sony also makes good Blu-ray players but I hear of those players breaking also. Once and a while an OPPO Blu-ray player will break also. I guess I have been lucky to have no standalone Blu-ray players break yet. OPPO, Sony, and Panasonic offer fast and reliable firmware updates. Samsung and LG Blu-ray players have many bad user comments for older players but maybe on the newer models the problems are less of a issue.
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Thanks for your reply!

You know, Panasonic is not the only player in town having issues. Sony have their owns, Samsung have their owns, Pioneer have their owns, LG have their owns, even Oppo.

I try to not be influenced by my own personal experience, but love is strong! ...Like The Rolling Stones song!

That's the thing with most of us; we are giving our opinions based on our own personal experiences and emotions; 'tres tres normal'!
I like to go beyond that, at the very source of the meaning of life lol.

No but seriously; your Panny experience is much better than mine! And me too I understand where you coming from.
I simply shared mine as well, with a very sour taste left by Panasonic Blu-ray players and Plasma TVs!
Others are in total agreement with I! And few more are happy! Well, I'm happy too for them! ...And if they own another product(s) from which they are NOT happy, then I share their unhappyness as well!

But it goes much further than just that! TIME, RELIABILITY, and GEOGRAPHICAL ETIOLOGY!

Take all emotions aside, and do a real research into the companies we deal with!
And that my friend takes time, effort, dedication, analysis, and openness!
Do I? Up to a certain point, my own limits.
Do you? Probably same as I.

The Panny DMP-BDT210 BD player might be the fastest BD player at loading discs right now, but if it breaks down down the line, or have other issues for the owners; it don't mean much at all! Right?

It is my choice to take a chance on it, or to pick another candidate, like from Sony or Samsung, at the same price point; and right now at this very exact moment in time, I would NOT pick a Panasonic Blu-ray player!
I'd rather take a chance with a Sony or Samsung one!
{Forget the Oppo here, it is at least $300 more!}

I agree with you: Samsung is a big joke with their older (and newer) product's support!
I HATE what they did not do with many of their products!

But Panasonic ain't any better by giving better customer support if their products eventually fail in the short run!

Sony! Oh yeah, that wild card! Like Panny, their TVs are too expensive compared to LG and Samsung.
And their BD players are more or less with issues as well! And their support here in Canada is pathetic to say the very least!

Again, just forget about Oppo, it is simply NOT in the same price range!
And by the way, I still own my 83.

Alright, I'm good for today; so till we meet again!
Meanwhile enjoy life for what it is and not!
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The weblink to the Home Theater magazine review of the Panasonic DMP-BDT210 was just released:

This years 2011 Panasonic Blu-ray players do not have as good as video scaling when compared to prior models, or the benchmark to earn an excellent rating for video scaling might have been raised this year by the Home Theater magazine crew.

Chart shows the 2011 DMP-BDT210 has only a good video scaling instead of a excellent scaling

Chart shows the old 2009 Panasonic DMP-BD60 has an excellent video scaling
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