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Default Sony BDP S270 Wireless Problems - Need solution

To put the long story short, my grandfather received one of those cheap-o Sony Blu-Ray players from Walmart that came wifi ready but of course needed the UWA-BR100 wireless adapter. He wants to use Netflix but the signal strength over the wireless connection hovers around 40-50% and after about 5-10 minutes of buffering, the Netflix stream stops loading the movie and ends up stopping. Only way to get the movie to buff another 5-10 minutes is to close Netflix and re-open it.

His internet connection coming in is about avg. in the area (roughly 10-11mbps download) so it's more than capable of handling streaming. His wireless download speed of where his bluray is located is about 8-9mbps.

I've been trying to think of a solution, and my guess is the UWA-BR100 adapter just flat out sucks (and we can't use any third party ones - it requires the Sony one).

One solution that comes to my mind is running two modems. One modem in his bedroom (which is where he has his internet setup) and then one modem on his TV stand to run directly into the bluray player. I know I can't run two modems at the same time, but is it possible to two modems in a house that don't run simultaneously.

The setup would be this - if he wants to use his internet in the bedroom, he'd have the bedroom modem on and the living room modem off; and then if he wanted to run his Bluray online he'd have the bedroom modem off and the living room modem on.

Is this even possible? He has Time Warner Cable internet.

Read the original post:

My grandfather has the Sony BDP-S270 that was wifi-built in but required the UWA-BR100 wifi adapter. I bought that and set up a wireless connection. He primarily want to use this for Netflix streaming. I was able to set the internet up and was able to use features like YouTube and download firmware updates.

I originally set the wireless network up with an 8 year old D-Link 514 wireless router that was 801.11b. I was expecting to have issues with Netflix with this router. Via tests done on my MacBook, I managed to only get test speeds of 4.50mbps download and 950kbps upload when using a wireless connection to where the Bluray player is located. The router/modem are located in a bedroom that is behind a wall. On the computer itself (which is wired) I managed to get an average download of 10.05mbps and 950kbps upload. I tried out using a Linksys WRT54G wireless router that is 801.11g to test the difference. As expected, the Linksys average a download speed of 8-9mbps on my Mac to where the Bluray player would be located, while on the wired PC it averaged 10.90mbps. As far as I know for a solid Netflix stream you want at least 5mbps, and the Linksys router consistently stays above 8mbps. The router is managing that. I even ran bandwidth tests during the stream and the tests came back nearly identical (8-9mbps avg) as it did without streaming.

While I plan to buy a new G or N router for the wireless set up, I feel the UWA-BR100 adapter is responsible for the streaming to continually stop. When loading up a movie (using the Linksys router), the stream will load for a good 5 minutes, then it would stop loading the movie and eventually the movie would go to a Loading screen. The only way of getting the movie to resume loading is to go back to the Netflix menu and hit resume movie playback in which it will go back, load for 5 minutes then stop loading.

My question is what can I do to improve the signal strength between the UWA-BR100 adapter and the wireless set up that is in a different room? I can't bring the network to this Bluray room because of the set up in the back room. Since the UWA-BR100 is the only possible wireless adapter for the BDP-S270, it is the only choice I have to make it a wireless setup. I do not wish to run an ethernet cord from the bedroom to the player as it would require a solid 40-50 feet, and would be more of an obstacle.

A new router will not fix this issue, and contacting Time Warner would not fix the issue either as the connection is strong (avg download speed in this area is 10-12mbps). The problem must be with the UWA-BR100 wireless adapter. I currently have it placed on the TV stand in front of the TV and have tried it behind the TV, both are relatively open areas and are on the top shelf of the stand.

Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated. My grandparents already invested $100 in the player, I've invested $80 in the adapter, and will eventually be spending $40-50 on a router just to do wireless Netflix streaming. What turned from being a Xmas gift for my grandfather has turned into an expensive expedition. I want to note, I didn't buy the player - I would have bought one with wifi built and ready to go.

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Bump - Updated original post with new question/solution possibility. Please read.
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