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Thumbs down LG BD590 won't play much

I purchased the LG590 and it seems a great boat anchor. Ok so what is wrong with it.

I have a large amount of home movies in HD mpg. It would be really nice to play them. Well create a Blu-Ray disk using Roxio Creator 2011 Pro writing to an LG WH10LS30 -- yes made by LG. Burned using the software provided with the LG Blu-ray burner (Nero.) One would think it would play. SORRY.

It plays on the computer but not on the BD 590. Worse there is ABSOLUTELY no indication of what is wrong. The 590 just waits a while after loading and then says check the disk. It takes hours to transcode and create a disk.

Hey call LG they were nice enough to put a phone number on the player (Better than most manufacturers) Estimated hold time is over an hour!!!!!!!!

Next try to play mkv files. I think I have figured out that it will not play an MKV file with stereo audio. I called and asked what it would play (the user manual is not very helpful) The person who answered said he would have to get back to me. He seemed sincere and sais he would have to talk to the engineers. Sounds great. He is helpful and has access to someone with the answers. Sorry don't expect a reply. I never got one.

Next try to stream from my brand new Window 7 64 bit I7 computer. Again good luck. THe nero software that comes with the BD590, installs and seems to connect but nothing plays. Streaming music does not come across as music just noise. OK buy the upgrade from Nero. DON'T waste your time.

Well ok try to create mkv files with 5.1 sound from 2 channel source. Spend some money on a tools that says it can make 5.1 AC3 files. Perhaps it can but it wants 5 mono wav file inputs. Sorry I only have two and do not know how to make silent wave files of exactly the same duration.

So I have spent a lot on an LG top-of-the-line player and purchased an LG Blu ray burner. THey don't seem to work together. I have all these home movies from years ago recorded on an early hi def camera. I want to see them on my new player. So far no luck. Its really FRUSTRATING.

I am writing this while I listen to the LG support line tell me how important my call is an how much they appreciate my business.

If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.
If you are thinking of purchasing the LG BD 590 or is non hard disk cousin, I would save my money.
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Originally Posted by CharlieBisbee View Post
If you are thinking of purchasing the LG BD 590 or is non hard disk cousin, I would save my money.
My first BD570 broke shortly after the 90 day warranty period, it would freeze up playback on ALL movies at least once during the movie, at which point the only recovery was to press pause on the remote then press play. Fortunately Walmart.com eked a return at the last second. The replacement player is causing me problems - For one thing the 24 fps bug is not fixed, so anything made from Disney in the past 6 months won't play properly unless you display it in 60hz mode. They will at repeatable points of the disc jump forward 6 seconds. It's obvious as the scene skips and the audio has to resync, on Prince of Persia when it does this an icon representing the chapter also pops up on the screen. Next, tried "The Rock," pressed chapter skip to skip the forced trailers. On the menu screen, about 1/2 second into the sound before the "buttons" pop up, the player locks up, HARD. Even the physical power/eject buttons on the player itself refuse to respond. I have to unplug the player to reset it. Dusted off my Samsung BD1500 and tried the same disc, menu loads no problem. Inspected the disc for visible defects (smudges, scratched, glue, etc) and there are none.

Regarding media playback - Lpcm audio from a media device has "incompatible audio." LG support says no support for lpcm, I reply back "isn't lpcm a dvd standard, therefore the player must support it" to which they reply "yes but to play it you need to burn a disc." Wtf is that? Why should it matter where the media is from?

Going to walmart to get the Samsung C6500, they're marked down to $149 now.
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