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Old 10-19-2009, 09:24 PM
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Default PB's mega sale thread. Imports, Criterions, Anime, not your normal crap


Terms of thread:
1- Due to how many titles are being offered, and how many people jump on the same thing, I'm doing this plain and simple: POST IN THIS THREAD TO CLAIM YOU WANT SOMETHING, DO NOT PM ME. PM'S OR EMAILS WILL BE IGNORED.
2- This system is in place so that multiple people don't claim the same thing. First in, wins. Period.
3- I'll be PM'ing users who post in here w/ payment info regularly.
4- If someone claims titles that are no longer available, I'll ignore their entire post. I get far too many "I'll take ______" messages on titles in sold piles, it's flat frustrating.
5- Shipping is free. To keep shipping costs low, [B]only taking requests for purchases of two titles or more. AKA not just doing singles here, unless they're big dollar (above 20 bucks). If your offer is for one title under 20 bucks, it will be ignored, and users who read the terms may pick it up in your place.
6- Only shipping in this thread to the ol' US of A, due to tracking concerns on how big dollar this can get. I want to cover my ass. Payment is only by Paypal Gift. non-gift payments refunded, requests voided.
7- I mean business, can you tell?
8- Assume no slipcovers. Digi copies should be unused, however will point out if they are. I do not take any responsibility for digi copy code use.
9- Shipping: if too heavy for first class, media. I ship 2x weekly.
10- I am only holding titles for 24 hours after pm'ing members with payment info. After that, request is void, titles go back out for grabs. Don't play if you can't pay.
11- Not negotiating on price. If it don't sell, I'll drop it occasionally, or put it back in my collection.

Titles for sale (no need for trades right now):

Fool's Gold $10
Role Models (former rental, in bd case) $12

$10 or less area
Antwone Fisher
The Pelican Brief
Nights in Rodanthe $9
Invincible $8
Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead $7
Kitaro $9
Pathfinder (bi-lingual) $9
Out for Justice $8
Space Cowboys $9
The Sentinel
The Devil's Own
Babel (aka pretentious shit)
Good Luck Chuck
The Invasion $9
Streets of Blood $9
Transporter 2 (Sealed) $9
You Don't Mess with the Zohan $9
Blue Thunder
The Brave One $9
John Q $9
Eagle Eye
Youth Without Youth
My Best Friend's Girl
Bedtime Stories (no DVD)
Bangkok Dangerous (no digi code or disc)
Lakeview Terrace $9

Priced as per:
Catwoman $11
Air Force One $11
The Dark Knight (digi code used) $11
The International $11
3 Days of the Condor $11
The Recruit $11
The Transporter 3 (no digi) $11
Harold and Kumar go to White Castle $11
Zack and Miri make a Porno (former rental, in bd case) $11
Spaceballs (includes DVD) $12
12 Rounds $12
Revolutionary Road $12 *pending*
The Reader $12
Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li $12
Street Fighter $12
Death Race $13
Young Frankenstein $13
Paprika (anime) $14
Persepolis $14
Gunnin' for that #1 Spot $14
Observe and Report $14
Origin (anime) $15

Television on Blu:
Crash Season 1 $16
Prison Break Season 1 (case has tiny chip on spine, disc 6 doesn't like to stay in holder when opened) $20
Lie to Me Season 1 $22
Burn Notice: Season 2 $22

For All Mankind $17
Chungking Express $17
The Last Metro $18 *pending*
Bottle Rocket $17
Last Year at Marienbad (some wear on case) $17

Gosford Park (Canada) $14
Gothika (Japanese, uncompressed audio) $14
Once (UK) $15
Lonely Hearts (Japanese) $20
Peter Pan (French) $20
The Producers (Japanese) $22
Batman 4 pack (UK imports, Batman, Returns, Forever, & Robin) $44

SOLD OR PENDING (in other words, do NOT contact me about these titles, unless YOU bought them. Strikethrough designates payment rec'd):
Silent Night-Fast and Furious (former rental, in blue case, no digi code or disc) $13 Repulsion $20
BambooLounge- Boys from Brazil (UK) $17, Playtime $20
RandellG- Monsters vs Aliens (in 2 disc case, DVD version, but no DVD. glasses intact) $17, Inkheart (digi and dvd included) $13, Green Lantern: First Flight (blue case) $13, Transporter 1 and 2 (Japanese, uncut) $38 for the pair, Freedom (anime LE set) $49 *pending*
Jester21730- Burst Angel $36
BlueX- Omen Trilogy (UK) $30
Twysted- Swing Girls and Water Boys (Japanese, LE editions w/ neat packaging) $55 for the pair, South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut $17, Falling Down $17 Monster $12, Transmorphers: Fall of Man $12
Tupac- Employee of the Month, Dragonball: Evolution $15
Big N' Tasty- Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1 $14, The Da Vinci Code $13
Tibby- pending for thursday- Jackie Brown (Polish) $16, Dracula (w/ RARE slipcover. Slipcover has wear/residue) $14 Glory $14, Street Kings 10, Hero $18
Dexter Season 1 (some wear on case) $24- TRADE for DMTH
Rich86- Adoration $16 There's Something About Mary $14

Clarkluthor- The Wizard of Oz (WM 1 disc version) $16 Home Alone $13
Clint Eastwood- Bill Douglas Trilogy and Comrades 2 pack (UK, Comrades is pre-authorized set, straight from the BFI. very rare. includes printed cover, printed insert book, discs have non-final labels). $32 for both
paaron46- Wanted $12, The Queen, TMNT, Enchanted
BLUC- The Last Emperor $18, Go $13
Woody- The Faculty (Canada) $14, The One $11
Rich again- Transformers: Rise of the Fallen (Big Screen Edition-Wal-Mart, used 1x, w/ slipcover) $17, Silverado (digibook, small ding on front bottom) $14
rmoody- Water Horse, The Sky Crawlers $15
weets03- Scoop (French Steelbook, opened. Played on my PS3, but reported to be Region B locked. Good condition case) $21

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Old 10-20-2009, 09:01 PM
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Ill take Jackie Brown, Dracula, Glory, and Street Kings.
Old 10-21-2009, 07:34 PM
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FINAL PB BUMP FOR THREAD!!! IF we don't get some movement, ebay.

added rodanthe, and dropped a few more prices a buck.

also, did a fuckload of shipping today. tons. 40 bucks worth (at 2 bucks and change a pop, that's a lot)

Last edited by project-blu; 10-21-2009 at 07:53 PM.
Old 10-21-2009, 07:43 PM
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PB, Can you add hero to my original slection of titles please.
Old 10-21-2009, 08:18 PM
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Did you ever get a first pressing of Science of Sleep? If not PM me for a possible trade.
Old 10-21-2009, 08:40 PM
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PMed you on Silverado!

Gah! Rulez rulez....

Let me try again,

Would like "Silverado" and "The Sky Crawlers"

However, I think I am too late now

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Old 10-21-2009, 10:38 PM
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If you ever desire an amazon gift card for a few titles, lmk.
Old 10-22-2009, 07:06 PM
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k i'm opening it back up, i really loathe the thought of ebay.

dropped nearly EVERY price.

added Peter Pan (mistake buy lol)

thread terms still up. buy some stuff, ya'll. made a great amount from here already!
Old 10-22-2009, 07:14 PM
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I will purchase the One and the Faculty
Old 10-22-2009, 09:29 PM
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Payment sent.
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