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Default UK Seller - buncha stuff. LOOK!

For sale/trades preferred

Currently selling region free Blu-rays shipped direct from UK, sealed and brand-spanking-new. All prices include US/Canada shipping. PLEASE SEE LAST POST FOR ITEMS IN HAND.


I can get a sealed Tudors Season 2, incuding slipcase for $40US shipped.

Man On Fire
Sealed, for 13 delivered. WAAAY better than the US version - commentaries included.

Funny Games
Sealed, for 14 delivered.

Happy Feet (PCM Audio)
Sealed, for 14 delivered.

The Island
Sealed, for 15 delivered.

Sealed, for 13 delivered.

Almost Famous
The extended cut. Sealed, for 11 delivered.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
Sealed, for 11 delivered.

Thirteen Ghosts
Sealed, for 11 delivered.

Predator 2
Sealed, for 12 delivered.

If you have any specific wants, lemme know and I can see what I can get for you.

Some of the titles above have been very popular and so go out of stock with me pretty quick - eg still sold three copies in 1 day. If that's the case, I can still source them but it takes me a week to receive them. Sorry. I am trying not to keep many in stock in case I don't manage to pass them on to you guys, so I don't lose any money (as I keep saying, I am not making any profits with this - just hoping to make contacts/trades).


Payment details: I am not really looking to make money on these - would prefer trades . Also, from experience, paypal is NOT accepted as payment, as I am not making a profit on these, simply trying to build up some credibility and make some friends/contacts - taking paypal cuts into my basic costs . Amazon and Googlecheckout (in ) is fine though. Or, better still, you get some stuff I want from Amazon Marketplace (usually $10 cheaper than Amazon) and do trades with me? If the final value for your credit card (after exchange rates etc) is more than what you expect to pay in $, I will reimburse you the difference.

(Please note these are region free and will play in most US players according to For sure they will work in a PS3)

I am a frequent buyer from eBay, and have done many international transactions previously for DVDs. My username on eBay is the same as here, so you can contact me through eBay to confirm my identity.


My wants currently are:
  • BUNCH OF SD DVD's - PM me for a list!
  • Twilight
  • Quantum of Solace
  • Pinnochio - Pending
  • Spidey set - prick westend screwed me on this
  • Bolt - pending
  • Fearless - Pending
  • Ghost town - Pending
  • Superhero movie - Pending
  • Fred claus - Pending
  • Long shots - Pending
  • Xmen Set
  • Miracle at St Anna - Pending
  • Watchmen - the animated stuff
  • Heroes S1
  • Day the Earth Stood Still (Keanu Reeves)
  • Yes Man
  • Waltz with Bashir
  • Doubt
  • No Country Special Edition (not the current release)
  • Body of Lies
  • Traffic - special features if possible
  • August Rush
  • Seven Pounds
  • Spirit

Also interested in regular DVDs so please offer away .

Some of these are not yet out - like I say, just letting people know my wants. Happy to buy dupes each time. The list is also not exclusive i.e. tell me what you got to trade and let's see if we can work something out. If there is something from the UK/EU you want, let me know.

I am looking for either new or mint condition stuff. I am happy to buy stuff that may only be available here and ship to you as part of a trade. Also, happy to buy in bulk. I figure this is easier than me asking all the time if people are willing to ship whatever they have on sale to the UK or not.

I have a pretty wide interest in movies, so make me an offer.

Also, I am happy to ship out any steelbooks available locally to you at pretty much cost. The steelbooks are generally region-locked to Europe (eg Fight Club and Leon). They roughly cost me 40 including postage to you.

Any questions, please ask,

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bump to the top
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in hand:

man on fire
predator 2
i still know

coming soon:

Air Force One - 10

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