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Default Trade Area Moderators, Rules and Guidelines! (Revised: 1/2/13)

Please read the statements below and keep them in mind when trading and purchasing:

Trading Moderators: For any concerns, comments, reports, or issues involving the trading areas please contact JAWoOKIE, nyc20012001 or you may also contact Geonosis if needed.

You may only list these items in the HighDefDigest Trading Areas:
  • Blu-rays
  • HD DVDs
  • Video Games (Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii)
  • Blu-ray Digital Copies
  • DVDs
  • Video Game Accessories
  • Blu-ray and HD DVD Players and Accessories
  • Home Theater Gear

You may only list those items in the specific areas that are designated for them with one exception. That one exception is if you have listed Blu-ray Discs in the Blu-ray Exchange Area you may also add the other items in the above list to your post if you have them for trade. Example: If you only list Standard DVDs for trade in the Blu-ray Exchange Area your thread will be removed. If you continue to cause an issue with this new rule, you will receive an infraction.

It is up to the High Def Digest Moderation Team to determine what is appropriate Home Theater Gear. If we feel that it is not something that is usually associated with a Home Theater Setup we have the right to remove the thread no questions asked. Once again, if it continues to be an issue after thread has been removed and after you have received a Warning, you will receive an infraction.

If you had, for example, 3 blu-rays, and 3 dvd's in a thread, in blu-ray exchange, but sold/traded all your blu-rays, then if you bumped it again, not offering any Blu-rays, it will get moved. The Blu-ray exchange area has a TON of participants, and mainpage spots are desirable, so we try to not have items not even pertaining to that area last there for long.


Paypal Surcharge Rule:
Paypal's official rules state plain and clear that no "surcharge" of any kind may be used. If you do so wish to accept paypal make sure the only price you add to the disc is shipping unless, like most, shipping is included in disc price. This means if you accept multiple payment methods the price can not be raised for using Paypal.

Disc 1 (sealed) - $15
I accept RME, Amazon Gift Certificates, and Paypal. If you use Paypal add $1.
Here at HighDefDigest we stand behind Paypal's "No Surcharge Rule" and plan to enforce it. You may report all violators the same as you do for any other infractions. All threads will be deleted that contain surcharges due to paypal. If you are a multiple offender, infractions will soon follow. Any questions or complaints don't be afraid to ask.

From the Paypal Rules section:
5. No Surcharges. Under Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express regulations and the laws of several states, including California, merchants may not charge a fee to the buyer for accepting credit card payments (often called a "surcharge"). You agree that you will not impose a surcharge or any other fee for accepting PayPal as payment. This restriction does not prevent you from imposing a handling fee in connection with the sale of goods or services, as long as the handling fee does not operate as a surcharge (in other words, the handling fee for transactions paid through PayPal may not be higher than the handling fee for transactions paid through other payment methods). Nor does this restriction apply to Pound-denominated transactions by sellers residing in the United Kingdom listing items for sale on a UK-based website.

Paypal Gift or Gift Certificate Payment Rule:
Because PayPal Gift and Gift Certificate Payments provide absolutely zero protection or fund recovery if a seller does not fulfill his end of the bargain, no seller may request payment through those methods until he has a minimum of 20 Positive Feedback score in the iTrader system. Threads violating this rule will be deleted, with infractions issued for repeat offenses.

International members who reside outside of the US must let members know their country of residence before making a trade\sale\buy. This will also serve as a heads up to members who do not want to trade\buy\sell internationally, that they please list this in the first post of your buy\sell\trade\want thread. This way members who are international can know right away if the thread is valid for them, as some members may not wish to engage a trade outside of their home market or to certain territories based on shipping expenses and/or any associated risks.

Remember, we have a global forum with members from all over the world. These new rules are not to single out any members or residents of any country, but rather to make the process smoother for everyone. Members please make sure that your listings are up to date and that any restrictions are clearly noted for all to see.

We have 2 official ebay threads, one in HD DVD exchange (LINK), and one in Blu-ray exchange (LINK). Feel free to post items you put up (in media categories like movies and games) in these two threads. 

Please do NOT start threads where it is just a link to items you have for sale on ebay. This is the trading/selling section, and not one for just advertising off site. Such threads will be deleted, not merged or moved.

STREET DATE RULE: Any member may post an item before street date under the condition they provide proof. Proof can come in the form of a picture, receipt or some other form of 'obvious' evidence that the product is in the seller/traders hands. Only one form of proof is necessary to post title for sale or trade. Buyers, stay aware of people's feedback and trade history.

It has been brought to our attention is that some users are maintaining multiple threads. This is taking up space and bumping other member's threads to the next page. Please only keep one thread per forum at a time (one in the blu-ray, hd dvd, and video game section each). If you have multiple items you want to add or there are additional changes start a new thread but let the old one die, or make the appropriate additions and/or changes to the existing thread (we as moderators can change titles if needed). If you have multiple threads on the main page we will delete them. Locking your existing thread on the main page to open a new thread does not negate this rule, as it is still two threads on the main page.

There is no reason for a user to go into somebody else's thread and tell them where they can get that disc cheaper, or even worse, offer one in the other users thread. The member chooses the selling price and the other member chooses to purchase it at this price or not. Please report this if it happens.
EDIT: This includes derailing the thread and insulting other members.

There is something called burying a thread, by bumping up numerous other threads instead. This is done to "get back at" a user, for any reason. This kind of behavior will result in action being taken against the burier, and all burial bumps undone. If a user is within the rules of the forum, then acting as a de-facto moderator in this fashion is beyond unacceptable. If a user is OUTSIDE the rules, report them.

The Marketplace area is intended as a peer to peer service, not a spot where merchants can set up shop to avoid fees from ebay/amazon/their own site upkeep. Setting up shop in the Marketplace will result in one's access to the area being revoked. Store sellers who are found to ignore requests to desist, or use sock puppet accounts to go around this rule will face immediate action up to the termination of all associated accounts.

A user is allowed 2 bumps in their threads per day. This rule is meant to keep the same users from constantly being on page 1. There is no need to post "PM replied to", or other response type comments that bump oneself back to the top (including creating a new thread, as it is a self-bump), unless you want that to count as one of your daily bumps. Please note, that we will make sure users do not have other members bump for them, and please do not bump other users threads without a legit post. Repeat violators may face infractions, and users who rebump a thread that got unbumped to comply with this rule (ie, not caring about the rule) will also face moderation.

  • Always look for positive feedback. If they are new members ask about Ebay, Amazon, or other forums where they have been graded on their previous trades. Please see the stickied scammer thread for other information as to protect oneself.

  • Do not offer burned, bootleg, or back-up media product. Also, modified video game systems, or systems containing burned/back-up content are prohibited.

  • Send cash, check, money orders, Amazon (or other) Gift Certificates or PayPal Gift payments at your own risk!! You have absolutely no recourse or possible recovery of funds should the seller fail to fulfill their part of the transaction. Standard PayPal payments is the ONLY payment method with Buyer Protection (with restrictions and limitations). It's always safer to use a payment option that guarantees protection on your money
 See rule #2 requiring any seller to have a minimum of 10 positive Feedback Rating before they can request payment with Paypal Gift or Gift Certificate.
  • If there are any issues please contact myself or another mod for this area about the issue. Do not publicly flame another member of these forums. Threats of any manner will result in immediate dismissal of your account from High Def Digest.

  • Only start threads that are for trading, buying, or selling. Do not start threads commenting on other threads, users, or events -- this is not the area for it.

  • Feedback abuse is not tolerated. Do not leave negative feedback on users you are not involved in a committed trade with. Also, do not create sock accounts to leave feedback, positive or negative. Abusing the feedback system will result in infractions/bans.

  • High Def Digest takes *no* responsibility for transactions that go sour -- in other words, use this forum at your own risk. In the event that trades or sells do not go according to plan, please contact the mods in this section to work with both ends to attempt to get it resolved. If you are the reason for a transaction going "sour" (without a good excuse or resolution) you will be banned from High Def Digest.
  • If you list items that are "For Trade or Sell" but list NO want list or prices we have the right to remove your thread. This is not a website for haggling and we have no time and room for people making threads that result in nothing.
  • There is an official WTB Thread (meaning: Want to Buy). If you have nothing for trade or sell, and only want to buy put your list there. Too many users have previously had just WTB Threads and they were filling up the Blu-ray Exchange area. Your thread will be deleted if it is just a list of titles you want to buy.

Thank You,
High Def Digest Moderation Team

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Changed paypal gift requirement to 20 positive feedbacks.
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