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Old 07-11-2017, 05:01 AM
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Default Looking for best place to sell 500+ blu rays...

I'm a collector that's interested in putting physical media behind me. I've been looking for information on where the best place would be to sell my collection. I've got over two-dozen steelbooks, some hard to come by (Fury Road, Logan, Hateful Eight), some Criterions, some rare oop blus like Apocalypto, a lot of blu ray box sets like The Sopranos, True Blood, Entourage, the reaper gift set for Sons of Anarchy, and way too many others to list in one post.

I have no idea how much the collection is worth or where I'd even begin in order to discover that information. Ideally I'd find another collector or someone looking to start a collection that is interested in buying it off of me.

I live in the Dallas area and we've got movie shops that buy blu rays, but they screw you on the price. I could do ebay, but piecing it out over time is a nightmarish thought. And Craigslist isn't an option simply because I don't relish the idea of allowing a stranger into my home when doing such a high priced transaction.

Has anyone sold their collection? If so, how'd you do it? Any suggestions are welcome.
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Old 07-12-2017, 09:35 PM
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When it's all said and done you might get the best cash from breaking up the collection. You will not get something for nothing so how much work are you willing to put into it?
Hopefully someone on here can point you to perhaps a broker/consignment dealer that knows the product well enough to know the value and will post them to ebay, while at the same time maintain a reasonable consignment fee and then give you what's left from each sale. Some of these companies can move fast and make a lot of listings. They do it professionally so they're quite efficient at it.
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Old 07-13-2017, 12:01 PM
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One other possibility is to contact the folks at Screen Archives. I know they buy collections as well. I do not know anyone that personally has used them but I think they meet the criteria as far as people that know the worth of any given title. I can't seem to find it at the moment but I do know they purchased collections.
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Old 07-13-2017, 01:41 PM
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I think if you're looking to dump a lot of mixed titles all at once, you've got to be ready to take a big hit on the price.

The best compromise would be to break it up into grouped bundles. Put all the Criterions together in one bundle and put that out on eBay. I've seen listings like that before where they have 20 Criterions all together. Do individual eBay listings for the rare/OOP titles like 'Apocalypto'. The extra effort to sell these more valuable titles will probably be worth it.

Everything else (regular blu rays that are still in print but not in high demand), take that stuff to those pawn shop places. You're not going to get much for that stuff anywhere, and if you don't feel like the hassle of selling each title individually on eBay or Amazon, that's really your only options.
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