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Default Steelbooks & Amaray's Sealed/Mint, When its gone its gone! Massive List, Check it out

Hi, I am James and I am sorry for my late arrival here

I am brand new here as of June 12, 2010 so this is why feedback is low.. I have trades in progress and I have 531 feedback of 100% on EBAY and can prove my legitimacy in many other ways. I am located in Ontario, Canada but can ship anywhere worldwide via Canada Post or Purolator (Expensive)

I have all the proper packing materials to ensure safe and reliable delivery. I am a very picky person myself, I make sure to take my time hand inspect every copy for the slightest imperfection or defect before packing it to ship.

I promise to update shipping costs (Steelbooks & Amaray's) later this week, as I said I'm new to this and don't want to list my prices to high or to low. Thanks for understanding, please pm me if interested or check back later this week for more updates.

** **

All are brand new, in perfect condition, and sealed unless stated otherwise:

Blu-Ray Steelbooks for Trade:

(ALL Canadian Futureshop Exclusives):
*FS 2012 Steelbook (Brand New, Mint with NO Manufacturers Dent/Defect) - For Trade or $38
*FS Twilight / New Moon Double Pack Steelbook (Brand New, Mint) - $30 or For Trade or $30
*FS Sherlock Holmes Ironpack (Brand New, Mint) - For Trade or $35
*FS Lord of The Rings Trilogy (Brand New, Mint, No Defects or Imperfections of any kind, Hand Picked for Centred Spine) - $75 or For Trade
*FS Ratatouille (Brand New, Mint) - For Trade or $35
*FS Cars (Brand New, Mint) - For Trade or $35
*FS Public Enemies (Brand New, Mint) - For Trade or $39
*FS Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End (Brand New, Mint) - For Trade or $35
*FS Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest (Brand New, Mint) - For Trade or $35
*FS Pirates of the Caribbean : The Curse/Black Pearl (Brand New, Mint) - For Trade or $35

(ALL German Release):
Sherlock Holmes (Brand New, Mint) – For Trade or $35
RockNRolla Steelbook (Brand New, Mint) – For Trade or $32
Casino Royale (Brand New, Mint) – For Trade or $25

** **

If you need help getting any Canadian Futureshop Exclusive Steelbooks then let me know. I have no problem helping out as I will be at Future Shop the morning of every release to hand pick a mint copy for myself and other friends I have made.

The Book of Eli Futureshop Exclusive (June 15th, 2010 (Tuesday))

Clash of The Titans Futureshop Exclusive (July 27, 2010)

Blu-Ray Steelbooks Wants, must be Sealed, Mint:
* Watchmen (FS)
* Transformers (FS)
* Indiana Jones 4 (FS)
* Babylon A.D. (France)
* Body of Lies (France)
* The Dark Knight (France)
* G.I. Joe (France)
* Hellboy 2 (France)
* Inglorious Bastards (France)
* Transporter Trilogy (France)
* Wolverine (France)
* I am Legend (Germany)
* The Spirit (Germany)
* Beowulf (Germany)
* 300 (Germany)
* John Rambo Uncut Version (Germany)
* Wanted (Germany)
* Resident Evil Trilogy (Germany)
* The Spirit (Germany)
* Underworld Trilogy (Germany)
* The Wrestler (Germany)
* Inglourious Basterds (Germany)
* Final Destination 4 3D (Germany)
* Golden Compass (Germany)
* The Day The Earth Stood Still (Germany)
* Halloween (Germany)
* Hellboy (Germany)
* Hellboy 2 (Germany)
* Highlander (Germany)
* Law Abiding Citizen (Germany)
* The Mist (Germany)
* The Orphanage (Germany)
* 10,000 BC (Germany)
* 10,000 BC (UK)
* Fast & Furious 1-4 (UK)
* Sweeney Todd (UK)
* Gran Torino (Any of them)
* Red Cliff (NL)
* Star Wars : Clone Wars (NL)
* Public Enemies (Germany)
* Men in Black (Germany)
* Memoirs of a Geisha (Italy)
** 1408 (Germany)
** Pan’s Labyrinth (Germany)
** BB/TDK (Germany)
** Iron Man (Germany)
** Pulp Fiction (France)
** Jackie Brown (France)
** Kill Bill V. 1 & 2 (France)
** Righteous Kill (Sweden)
** Death Race (Greece)
** Death Proof
** District 9 MNU Vest

Must be in factory condition Brand New/Mint without a single imperfection just as mine..

~~ Slip covers (original Blu-Ray slip on cover art) and boxes (trilogy boxes etc..) are wanted, mint condition please, new hobby of mine, if you send me a pic of your collection I can tell you what covers I want, may buy whole collection for right price. ~~

Blu-Ray Movies for Trade or Sale (ALL MOVIES ARE BRAND NEW/SEALED):

* Rambo: First Blood - $6
* Rambo: First Blood Part II - $6
* Fanboys - $8
* Blade II - $8 - PENDING
* Blade III: Trinity - $9 - PENDING
* Flight of the Pheonix - $9
* Sin City - $9
* JFK (Digibook) - $12
* How the West Was Won (Digibook) - $12
* Dirty Harry (Digibook) - $14
* Where The Wild Things Are - $14.50
* Apollo 13 - $14.50
* James Bond's - $12/each

Blu-Ray Movies Want:

* I am Legend Ultimate Edition
* Once Upon a Time in China Hong Kong Release
* Anything I don't have in my collection will be considered.




Public Enemies, Zombieland & Book of Eli trading with Blue23dragon4

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Welcome James...great member, have dealt with this guy several times on different forums.
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Yeah Im a newbie too, I think Im gonna like it here, and like bludragon, have dealt with James too! Good times!

Ill take Casino Royale please!
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