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Old 12-31-2009, 02:25 AM
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Unhappy No BD-Live option on Prince Caspian's main menu...

I'm posting this somewhat desperately. This is the first time I've popped in my Prince Caspian Blu-ray, and I see absolutely no option anywhere on the main menu for BD-Live. O_o

My player is an 80 GB PlayStation 3, recently updated to firmware 3.15, with a wireless WPA internet connection. When I couldn't access Caspian's content whatsoever, I tested my other BD-Live enabled Disney titles - Bolt, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and WALL•E - all of which connect to Disney's BD-Live network without problems. I am able to log in with my member name as well - even updated my profile and such.

The thing is, in all of these BDs there's a very conspicuous icon for BD-Live on the main menu. My Caspian disc has nothing listed whatsoever. I searched every sub-menu and tried toggling to the sides. I tweaked my PS3's settings to connect BDs to the net only if confirmed by the viewer, then played the disc again - that didn't change anything. Caspian still boots up with no BD-Live option.

I know Disney is currently overhauling its BD-Live network and content, so perhaps that is the cause. However, is it possible to completely disable a menu selection on the physical disc via the net? Or do I just have a bizarre, defective copy of Prince Caspian? Will anyone out there pop their copy in and see if they have the same problem (i.e. a missing BD-Live menu option)?

Once again, HELP! I'm really at my wit's end with this weird error. I wanted to access the thirteen behind-the-scenes clips that, apparently, are available exclusively via BD-Live. I hope that, if it's a problem with the physical disc, Disney will be able to replace it without any trouble... :-/
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Old 01-02-2010, 10:40 AM
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I checked and can still access the portal. Unless you have a newly pressed disc without BD-Live or an imported copy? Also Disney is changing BD-Live, go here for info.
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Old 02-20-2010, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Geonosis View Post
I checked and can still access the portal. Unless you have a newly pressed disc without BD-Live or an imported copy? Also Disney is changing BD-Live, go here for info.
For the hell of it I tried Sleeping Beauty BD Live today as I have never tried a Disney BD Live disc. It asks to sign in and to do it at the web address above. Anyway as the link refers to above they are changing their BD Live but to me it seems more like they are scrapping it entirely. They have removed the ability to create an account from what I can tell. I am not sure what Disney is changing. Like most I have never been big on the BD Live experience but I thought a few Universal tiltes were OK, I netflixed Couples Retreat and on the BD Live it lets you rate the movie and all of the extra features and post directly to Facebook & Twitter. To me that was the best BD Live feature I have seen thus far. Most of the times I have bothered logging in it seems the only thing available is movie trailers - don't we get plenty of those with all of the previews they force feed us on the discs.
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Old 09-06-2010, 07:21 AM
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I also don't see any icon for BD Live on my Prince Caspian Blu-ray. I was looking for it yesterday. I am going to call Disney today to see whats up.
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