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  1. Can anyone tell the difference between the 2 formats?
  2. HD DVD's mandatory features rock!
  3. HD DVD could be running away with this battle
  4. Blu-ray predicted to win format war
  5. HD DVD Report Says Discs Outsold Blu-ray
  6. First BD-50 ("Click") gets poor marks
  7. First Blu-ray camp desertion...
  8. Could Disney be next... ?
  9. Pre-Ordering doesn't mean squat !
  10. First Blu-ray firmware fix was a trojan horse
  11. A Visit with Sony -- High-Def Digest Interview
  12. Blu-ray Will Win HDTV DVD War (Yet Another Prediction)
  13. No declared winner for a long while
  14. What is my extra $500 buying me?
  15. HD DVD or Blu-ray?
  16. An Epiphony
  17. HD DVD Sound vs. Blu-ray Sound?
  18. I have summed up some things here. To do lists for both formats.
  19. Rumbling about Fox and Disney moving to HD DVD in 2007
  20. Sony is in trouble...
  21. Why Sony'll Win the Next Gen Console War
  22. Proof of HD DVD domination
  23. We have a WINNER !!!!
  24. This is not what I was promised!
  25. Can't we all just get along??
  26. Who will have the best movies on offer?
  27. Lionsgate CEO: "in terms of high-def, Blu-ray is really the technology of the future"
  28. I'm Sorry - Did Someone Say PS3 Won't Upconvert DVD?
  29. And now - 100K PS3s Release To Japan On Day One
  30. XBOX quote on the HD vs. BD
  31. Let's talk redundancy and Error Correction
  32. HD45 Likely NOT Supported In Existing Players
  33. Combo HD DVD and Blu-ray drives will end the war
  34. Definition of a Fanboy
  35. Samsung has no plans to support HD-DVD
  36. Nintendo does not like next-gen disks.
  37. Analyst: 150K-200K PS3s For U.S. Launch
  38. Iran Declares Jihad Against HD DVD !
  39. Taladega and The Fifth Element ?
  40. Disney on Blu-ray...does it really matter?
  41. Vivid chooses Blu-ray first
  42. Blu-ray and ps3 owners
  43. 13,488 vote on Blu-ray, HD DVD, DVD or none.
  44. Time magazine says PS3 not worth the hype
  45. Why do you support Blu-ray / HD DVD?
  46. TKO-What can HD DVD/Blu-ray do to knockout the competition
  47. Sony Delivers: Playstation 3 Worth the Wait and Price
  48. Experience Blu: Marketing Juggernaut?
  49. Toshiba Second Gen HD DVD Players Delayed Worldwide
  50. HD DVD vs Blu-ray News Articles
  51. How could Blu-ray possibly lose?
  52. CNN Reporting ONLY 175k PS3s launched in NA
  53. Blu-ray-equipped Macs currently tracking for February
  54. PS3 vs Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-On
  55. Amazon.com Sales Comparisons
  56. Europe: Xbox 360 HD DVD Q&A
  57. HP has $99 HD DVD upgrades for their desktops
  58. PiP Commentary Tracks
  59. Mgm And Weinstien Co Partnership
  60. PS3 Rules All...
  61. Pretty clear evidence that HD DVD is winning.
  62. Seems like this war will pan out alot like video game console wars
  63. You guys might find this interesting...
  64. BIG NEWS IN PS3 LAND - Upscaling and 1080P/24 Support on the Way
  65. Anyone see both playing in 1080p? What about PQ?
  66. Ken Kutaragi, father of Playstation, President Sony Entertainment removed from post
  67. Is hd dvd dead?
  68. What format has the better exclusives OUT NOW?
  69. I Hate To Say It
  70. Something pointed out by a "n00b"
  71. Why HD DVD will become the dominant format.
  72. Blu-ray Movie Titles Surpassing HD-DVD?
  73. HD-DVD will win / Blue-ray will win
  74. Betamax and laserdisc.... ?
  75. Playstation 3 not helping Blu-ray?
  76. European Effect
  77. Best Buy supports Blu-ray???
  78. Both formats win.
  79. Site claims LIVE Marketplace is as good as HD-DVD
  80. Optical Battle May Be Over-HD DVD wins
  81. PS3 Firmware updated 1.3
  82. Study: HD DVD Has Lead in Consumer Support
  83. Head 2 Head- The new Christmas Titles
  84. 360 vs PS3
  85. Hope this war ends soon.
  86. Tons of negative Blu-ray news latley
  87. INHD Show "Gearing Up" interviews a liar about Blu-Ray v. HD DVD
  88. HD hide and go seek
  89. Amazon.com Sales Figures.....
  90. Sony Bashers will Eat their Words in 2007
  91. VC1 Encodings getting better - Serenity Double Dip
  92. When will Warner and Paramount stop putting lossy audio on Blu-ray?
  93. HD DVD about to have a MONSTER X-mas ?
  94. Anyone else not care about HD DVD or Blu-ray?
  95. World Trade Center
  96. Wait... Didn't someone say Disney/BV was waffling?
  97. MPEG 2 vs VC-1
  98. Tech Question... HDMI
  99. Small article "Xbox 360 makes HD DVD format to beat"
  100. IMDB News Posts Blu-ray in PS3 A Mistake
  101. Why does fox love sony so much?
  102. I don't know if this counts
  103. Blu-ray Exclusive Studio Starts Backing HD DVD
  104. You think Disney could have an impact on Blu-ray sales?
  105. First report: XBOX360 HD DVD sells 42K so far.
  106. PS2's sales troubling!!
  107. Dual-Format Players? How about Dual-Format Storage...
  108. Sony Sticks to PS3 Shipment Target
  109. PS3 sales aren't looking so hot.
  110. Xbox 360 sharing the load!!!
  111. Best Buy starting to cave to HD DVD?
  112. Whoa! Digital Trends calls Sony a FAILURE!
  113. PS3 outsells the HD DVD add-on 5 to 1
  114. Amazing! 360 outsells the PS2...in Japan!
  115. Blu-ray drives only $1 more than HD DVD
  116. Since BD-50 dual-layer discs are a selling point....
  117. What is the magical number?
  118. One thing I don't buy
  119. HD DVD or Blu-ray ?
  120. Updated amazon numbers...
  121. MIA companies...
  122. Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead mans chest available in HD!
  123. What if there is no winner?
  124. Lossless Sound
  125. Well this isn't gonna help sell Blu-ray/PS3.
  126. Samsung Blu-ray Player Wins Design Award
  127. Poll: PS3 Users Watching Blu-ray Movies
  128. Sound & Vision Magazine Give Blu-ray Rave Reviews
  129. Blu-ray: Poor PQ or just bad encode?
  130. XBX HD DVD Player Advantages as a MOVIE Player over PS3
  131. Why do you hate Sony?
  132. HD DVD vs. Blu-ray : Warner not favouring either
  133. Sopranos S6 pt1 favours Blu-ray over HD DVD with audio?
  134. Blu-ray Going To Win Format War...
  135. Demand for PS3 waning
  136. AV-Centric PS3???
  137. Buying HD DVD movies on release date
  138. More and more HD DVD supporters going to Blu-ray
  139. 60% of PS2 Owners Say their Next Console will be a PS3
  140. Just a little bit of perspective...
  141. The AV Centric PS3, What is Sony Doing??
  142. Universal Player Redux
  143. Help from Tweeters on HD DVD vs Blu-ray
  144. Blu-ray passes HD DVD in overall PQ and SQ on High Def Digest
  145. One Month Old - PS3 Blows X360 Away In Japan
  146. HD DVD owns BD in the best HD of 2006!!
  147. PS3 Looks to have Over 1 Million Consoles Sold
  148. TIME declares PS3 One Of The 5 Busts Of 2006
  149. Sony's copy protection costs them 4.25m in legal settelment
  150. Date Blu-ray movie releases will pass HD-DVD
  151. How's HD DVD doing in Europe?
  152. HD DVD = betamax?
  153. More and more Blu-ray supporters going to HD DVD
  154. HD DVD/Blu-ray Coexistence?
  155. Pass the cheese...
  156. Circuit City no longer featuring Blu-ray?
  157. Why is HD taking forever to make movies?
  158. And the Winner is...
  159. PS3 Named 8th Worst Tech Screwup of 2006
  160. HD DVD, Blu-ray VS HD cable
  161. Sony, PS3 and Blu-ray are #1 in 2006
  162. Sony DRM is Bad for the Consumer
  163. HD DVD Has Better Quality Than Blu-ray
  164. What's With the Sound & Vision Poll BD vs. HD DVD
  165. HD DVD/Blu-ray Hybrid Players
  166. Choosing in a high definition disc format
  167. Do you feel that BB/CC are pushing Blu-ray over HD DVD?
  168. How is this happening?
  169. best buy sold out of HD DVD movies!
  170. Top 5 reasons Blu-ray will never be in my home
  171. Universal supporting Blu-ray!?!?!?
  172. I don't really care about lossless audio...
  173. Thanks to the PS3...We will Never Know
  174. The European Situation
  175. BLU craps out with The Descent!
  176. Blu-ray has lost the Adult Film market
  177. Panasonic DMPD10 vs Toshiba HD A1
  178. HD DVD AACS cracked in time for CES
  179. terabyte on one dvd
  180. PS3 still selling well?
  181. Is there any way for HD DVD to win?
  182. HD DVD vs Blu-ray for storage
  183. Toshiba plans aggressive HD DVD push at CES
  184. I resisted the call of the dark side !
  185. That's funny...
  186. Reminder: $40 off Coupon at Circuit City to buy the HD Player for the Xbox 360!
  187. At what point do Blu-ray supporters turn their back?
  188. At what point do HD DVD supporters turn their back?
  189. HD DVD surpassing Blu-ray, cause 360 is almost to 10 million
  190. HD DVD or Blu-ray. What do you OWN?!!
  191. Why nexgenwars is useless
  192. Blu-ray & HD DVD in stores
  193. Where's the beef? (HD DVD movies)
  194. The Decline of the PS3 Grey Market
  195. Estimated NPD numbers for Nov-Dec! (PS3, 360 & Wii)
  196. Digital Bits Post & Home Media Retailing Article
  197. Analyst: PS3 Dragging Down Sony
  198. Sony screwing people over to get the 60GB version
  199. Playstation 3 60GB has the number 1 sales rank on amazon.com
  200. HD-DVD, Blu-ray in trouble
  201. here is how you can get some idea of how many ps3 will be used for blu-ray.
  202. PS3 BR vs 360 HD DVD comparison
  203. Sony's PS3 Dissapointment Timeline
  204. Here are some REAL holiday numbers ;)
  205. Whoo! Blu-ray sales picking up?
  206. A couple questions re: Interactive features of each platform...
  207. Thoughts from a regular guy ...
  208. A little hint about Amazon numbers
  209. Superman Returns sold out on both formats?
  210. New Line.
  211. HD DVD has more space than Blu-ray
  212. Best Buy HD DVD player sales.
  213. The Leaked HD DVD List
  214. Television shows on HD DVD / Blu-ray?
  215. Best Buy pushing Blu-ray hard..
  216. HD DVD Winning Out in High-Def Format Wars?
  217. LotR on HD DVD: Is this bunk?
  218. Samsung prepares Blu-ray, HD DVD combo drive
  219. What would be the reference system for HD DVD and Blu-Ray?
  220. Why HD DVD?
  221. HD DVD: 2007 Price Breakthrough?
  222. PS3 wins best new console at IGN Annual Awards
  223. Fox and Regional Coding
  224. The Bad PS3 Press Just Keeps On Coming!
  225. PS3 Worst Reviewed Launch Ever?
  226. Why buy a PS3?
  227. Best Buy doesn't care about HD DVD or BR
  228. I have to be fair here...kills me to post this but.....
  229. IS sony getting nervous?
  230. Retailers still seeing little interest in either format
  231. This Is What HD Is All About!!
  232. New HD DVD Commercial
  233. An Excellent Pre CES article...
  234. Truce until CES
  235. Samsung Blu-ray player down to $569.99 (NEW) at Amazon
  236. Some lyrics that "fit" this format war. Post yours.
  237. Blu-ray releasing more movies than HD DVD...
  238. SONY on HD DVD??
  239. Did Sony BD-J The Covenant?
  240. What happened to "Lossless Audio on all future Warner titles"??
  241. Top 5 movies you are hoping get announced at CES?
  242. 2006 Box Office - Doom for HD DVD?
  243. Toshiba HD-XA2 in the Wild
  244. Research firm: 75 million PS3s sold by 2010
  245. Why Blu-ray Might Win the Format War.
  246. MS rep says HD DVD may be the next Betamax
  247. To all Blu-ray supporters...
  248. Warner to announce Dual FORMAT HD DVD/Blu-ray discs!
  249. LG to announce Universal player @ CES
  250. Even if one format wins the war...

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