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  1. Now Formally Neutral
  2. Sold my HD DVD and went Blu
  3. I was neutral...
  4. I'm now officially Blu-ray camp supporter
  5. I did something I never thought I would do......
  6. Never announced it but...
  7. I have left HD DVD to sing the blues..
  8. I got the Blu's
  9. I still have both; but my heart is with Blu Ray
  10. Sony hater goes from HD DVD to Blu-ray.
  11. About this section
  12. New member, and It's Blu Ray for me
  13. the word BLU-RAY struck a chord
  14. PS3 Blu-ray Player
  15. Blu-ray owner.
  16. I dumped VHS finally!
  17. Simple
  18. Sure, why not.
  19. Honest to goodness question...
  20. Neutrality found me..Not quite Vice-Versa
  21. impulse buy.
  22. Finally went neutral today
  23. Simply because it came with it
  24. Should I switch side?
  25. I went Blu because...
  26. Why I chose....
  27. One simple reason: PS3
  28. My unexpected Blu purchase
  29. I took the "Blu"-way
  30. Let's Get This Out Of The Way.
  31. Wife's the main reason we went Blu
  32. All About the Titles I Want
  33. PS3 and hope for a single format
  34. I went Blu because
  35. Ahhhh screw it...I just bought a PS3
  36. Blu was the only format for me
  37. Well, my PS3 has arrived.
  38. It was a No-Brainer...
  39. Because I researched the format
  40. because of PS3
  41. PS3 - Disney and Sony Catalog
  42. Why Iím blu and not purple
  43. The Real Scoop
  44. Got a PS3...guess that makes me blu
  45. I am no longer neutral
  46. I Want Blu Ray Titles
  47. Red Supporter Planning to go Blu
  48. I have taken the Blu pill...
  49. Im blu! okay, fine then, im purple
  50. So I jumped in and chose a side..
  51. Add 3 More to the Blu Side!
  52. Gone Purple
  53. I'm nuetral now...
  54. Blu only for a few different reasons
  55. Why did I go blu?
  56. Bought a PS3 on Monday
  57. Why I went purple
  58. I'm Dropping HD DVD Thread
  59. Titles,titles titles
  60. HD Story
  61. The Beginning Of The End....
  62. Went Purple today!
  63. The whoelse Story
  64. Former HD DVD supporter turned Smurf
  65. Sony did a pretty good job on the PS3...
  66. Disney
  67. Warner makes announcement and I go Blu
  68. So today, I went out and bought...
  69. HD DVD supporter finally going blu..
  70. As much as I hate to say it, the future is Blu.
  71. I've decided to go blu soon.
  72. Any legal recourse for HD owners?
  73. Red to Purple to Blu
  74. I Went Blu Because HD DVD died
  75. Why I chose to go Blu?
  76. PS3 Guided Me To Blu
  77. im bored so here's how things went for me
  78. I chose Blu so HD-DVD died
  79. my blu heaven
  80. Still looking for reason...
  81. Future shines Blu
  82. Lets analyze
  83. Survey
  84. I chose blu (early) because...
  85. I am finally 'Purple'
  86. Started Blu, went purple (lightly)...back to Blu
  87. The reason I went
  88. 1 HD-DVD Turned To 160+ BLUS
  89. The Reason Why I Went Blu..........
  90. I Caved In
  91. I'm now officially Blu!
  92. Because Super Mario is no longer the draw he once was to me
  93. Why I went Blu
  94. Completely Blu
  95. Going to Blu-ray $149 player
  96. My Blu Story
  97. I went Blu
  98. My blu-red-blu conversion
  99. Because it came with ps3
  100. Officially Blu
  101. I support Blu-ray now for all the reasons I supported HD DVD in the past.
  102. Hi All (Introduction)
  103. Criterion Cinematheque or why I need a physical format
  104. Because I'm a whore for HD. HAPPY?!
  105. microfiber inserts in Grovia shells
  106. I went blue because...
  107. Introduction
  108. Why I eventually embraced blu ray
  109. Hi

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